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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It all started last Friday evening.  I went to the mailbox to retrieve our mail.  It didn't look good.  An envelop from U*SCIS did NOT look like all the others we've received.  Nope, this one had pink paper inside.  My heart sank.  The 3 words on top were ones I dreaded "Request For Evidence".  Oh brother!  The Supplement 3 we submitted a few weeks ago with our home study addendum (because Patrick changed jobs) was not approved pending an updated home study.  When we first submitted our I-800A application, we were approved wtihout ANY RFEs.  And now, well, we just had to join the RFE club (even when I didn't ask for membership.) 

I decided the first person I was going to call on Monday was our new immigration officer at U*SCIS.  I wanted clarification on exactly what she was looking for in our update.  Although our home study had two small changes and was considered by our first agency and first immigration officer to be an addendum, our new officer stated that it was NOT an addendum but rather an *update* and also needed to be H*ague compliant.  Ugh.  She said it would've been considered an addendum had we submitted prior to I-800A approval.  However, we were approved in record time, while we were working on the addendum and didn't have a chance to submit it prior to approval. 

So.....since an update was in order, I contacted our first agency (which we are retaining as our home study agency) because they will have to do the update.  I explained the whole situation to them.  They will get working on our child abuse clearance, as well as determine who will come out to the house for our home study visit.

Next I called our agency and spoke to our C*hina coordinator to get her up to speed.  She did her best to assure me that our addendum (that was included in our dossier) will be fine.  But I can't help but wonder if we will get held up in the review room.  I have had other adoptive parents assure me these are two separate entities and that C*hina will approve us based on what was submitted already and U*SCIS will approve us based on our corrected Supplement 3/ updated home study.

I'm trying not to worry about it all, but that's easier said than done.  I got myself so worked up over all this yesterday and this morning.  But after talking to my friend, Lisa, I'm feeling much better.  Lisa, you rock.  Thanks for all your support and for helping me "keep my hands and feet inside the ride at all times."  Well, here's hoping for a speedy home study update and Supplement 3 approval.....soon soon soon, I pray!

On another note, the "music" inside the house has ceased, as the workers have finished all they needed to do for Madeline's room!  The rug we ordered will arrive on Monday.  Yay!!!!  So now the fun begins as I get to paint the walls, closet doors and trim.  Oh yeah, we still have to buy her big girl bed....but I'm excited to have the chance to put her room together with time to spare and without tripping over workers or our luggage, like with Caleb's remodel.  Fun times are in store.


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