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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I've been meaning to do a little photo shoot with Havi since she's been with us 2 months.  You know, something worth sharing with her orphanage and foster family.  This series of photos didn't make the cut.  However, it's pretty much how we roll in the summer time.
  After swimming in the pool in the afternoon, a new diaper is put in on...and that's about it.
 I spotted Havi hanging out in our large bay window in the kitchen one afternoon and couldn't help but snap a few of her in her summer attire.
And speaking of the pool, I have been spending some time with her trying to get her to float and put her head under, both of which she is doing.  I don't let her float by herself yet, but she can completely relax on her back.  I'm totally impressed.  And going under?  Well, she doesn't like to close her lips/mouth, but she does hold her breath and comes up just fine.  No coughing at all.  I think she'll be all ready for lessons with Ms. Carmen in the spring.  She'll be doing her swim-float-swim sequence in no time.  And hopefully she'll be potty-trained by then too!  That'd be nice. 

I just love her.

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Little by Little

2 months in our arms

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday marked two months since little Zhang Guan Xue was placed in our arms.  As is the case with our first two dumplings, we simply can't believe the progress she has made in such a short time.
Her English comprehension has really grown.  She can follow some simple commands and has learned some more signs.  Her favorite words to say are stop and thank you.  

She is getting better at using a fork or spoon to feed herself.  And she is learning to drink out of a cup and sports bottle.
I have stopped being so lazy complacent with diapers.  So she's been using the potty with my reminding several times a day.  That doesn't mean she doesn't wet her diaper.  Oh she sure does.  Remember, this girl knows how to drink! lol
She has become opinionated about using my cell phone to talk to Baba but still has to learn the art of sharing it.
She is so funny and is still LOUD. Thanks to a lot of sliders that lead out to the back of the house, Patrick can hear her very clearly from the back yard.  Nice.  Wonder what all our neighbors behind us think of our new daughter? lol  

She still likes to fake laugh when Caleb and Madeline are genuinely laughing because she just has to be included.  And she thinks that their bath time is an extension of hers.  Sorry, honey, you can't get back in the tub in your jammies.
She likes to sit at the school table and " do school" with us.  This translates to scribbling on the other kids copywork or math.  Yep, she's helpful that way.  Honestly, though, I'm surprised at how well school is going with Havi "in attendance".  Sure there are times when I find myself shouting above her to read or Caleb is shouting his narration to me.  But on the whole, it's going better than I could've expected.
Ever the copycat at this age, she has been toting around a tennis racquet and trying to get on the court when Caleb is practicing.  I'll have to upload a video I took with my phone of her doing just that (and some of Caleb playing too).
Dance started back up today for Madeline.  And all the mamas that I hang out with in the lobby couldn't get over our precious new addition.  Again, she surprised me with how well she behaved for that long hour.  I think I let out a sigh when the hour was up. lol

On Friday she will be 21 months old.  I can't believe it.  I think some cupcakes are in order.  We need to celebrate with something, right?

A double birthday celebration

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Just like last year's birthday parties for my niece and nephew, this post is photo heavy.  My sister puts a lot of effort into her kids parties. Since their birthdays are only 5 weeks apart, and we have family from out of town, she opted to have a joint party this year.  The co-ed theme for this year was Rainbow Monsters.
 You see all those monsters on the shelf?  She made them all, and Leah helped to stuff them.
 She made all the treats on the table.
 For the kids, she made monster party hats.
 She also made monster mouth props for our mock photo booth.
 Goodie bags for the kids
 We caught people on their way out for their monster photo booth snap shots.
 Those two young ones are two peas in a pod.  So fun to chase around with my camera when they have a mind of their own. Ha.
 After lunch and cake, it was time to open presents.
 Auntie Deb had been working hard all day at stealing a kiss from Havi.  Her charm finally worked.  And apparently Josh had the same effect.
 Havi and Josh were so funny playing with each other at the door.  (He's only 4 months older than her.)
 The beautiful birthday girl, Leah.
 I tried to get a family photo for my sister, but this was the best I could do with an uncooperative Josh.  
 Well, I managed to get him in the photo, right?  That counts for something.

I'm so thankful that my cousins Ed and Eileen were able to make the trip up.  I love these two like something crazy.  Don't they have adorable monster smiles?
 We all laughed because we couldn't help but smile behind these enormous monster mouths.
 I had forgotten to photograph some of the monster food.  So my sister made me fix that.  Oops.  Aren't they the cutest orange and bell pepper you ever did see?  They remind me of those silly monsters on Sesame Street.
 And then my sister went and opened up her big mouth by saying that we needed a sister photo together.  I think we were all thankful that Andy captured this in one shot.  Painless...which can't be said for any other photo I've asked him to take of us or me of him.  Poor guy.  He tolerates us. lol  (And no, I'm not taller than her.  I just look that way because I had shoes on, and her lawn slopes a bit.)

Well, we had a fantastic time, as always.  The next birthday to celebrate will be Andy's.  And we're hoping they will be heading our way to celebrate.  He's like Madeline in that he LOVES chocolate.  So I have the privilege of baking up some yummy chocolatey goodness.

Well, we hope you had a wonderful birthday Leah and Josh.
We love you like crazycakes!

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