2 months in our arms

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday marked two months since little Zhang Guan Xue was placed in our arms.  As is the case with our first two dumplings, we simply can't believe the progress she has made in such a short time.
Her English comprehension has really grown.  She can follow some simple commands and has learned some more signs.  Her favorite words to say are stop and thank you.  

She is getting better at using a fork or spoon to feed herself.  And she is learning to drink out of a cup and sports bottle.
I have stopped being so lazy complacent with diapers.  So she's been using the potty with my reminding several times a day.  That doesn't mean she doesn't wet her diaper.  Oh she sure does.  Remember, this girl knows how to drink! lol
She has become opinionated about using my cell phone to talk to Baba but still has to learn the art of sharing it.
She is so funny and is still LOUD. Thanks to a lot of sliders that lead out to the back of the house, Patrick can hear her very clearly from the back yard.  Nice.  Wonder what all our neighbors behind us think of our new daughter? lol  

She still likes to fake laugh when Caleb and Madeline are genuinely laughing because she just has to be included.  And she thinks that their bath time is an extension of hers.  Sorry, honey, you can't get back in the tub in your jammies.
She likes to sit at the school table and " do school" with us.  This translates to scribbling on the other kids copywork or math.  Yep, she's helpful that way.  Honestly, though, I'm surprised at how well school is going with Havi "in attendance".  Sure there are times when I find myself shouting above her to read or Caleb is shouting his narration to me.  But on the whole, it's going better than I could've expected.
Ever the copycat at this age, she has been toting around a tennis racquet and trying to get on the court when Caleb is practicing.  I'll have to upload a video I took with my phone of her doing just that (and some of Caleb playing too).
Dance started back up today for Madeline.  And all the mamas that I hang out with in the lobby couldn't get over our precious new addition.  Again, she surprised me with how well she behaved for that long hour.  I think I let out a sigh when the hour was up. lol

On Friday she will be 21 months old.  I can't believe it.  I think some cupcakes are in order.  We need to celebrate with something, right?


Cheri 8/20/2013  

She is so adorable! I am so glad all is going well with all 3 of the kiddos and mom and dad.

I've been a lazy blogger. Things are so crazy at our house at this moment that I've not take a picture in weeks....

Gail 8/20/2013  

Oh my word...she is absolutely precious!! And she's doing so well.

Love your photos, what a sweet little girl!!

Nancy 8/20/2013  

Oh such a sweet thing. I LOVE hearing about her personality and your words (even more than the pics?) say that she's transitioning perfectly!
Loud kids? I have NO idea what you're referring to!

Deb 8/20/2013  

Havi is such a big girl! I love her oneie *wink* Yes, she is definitely loud, and I love to hear her "talk" to baba. She is so blessed!

Jennie 8/21/2013  

No surprises there in the progress arena as love does wonders for a little orphan girl no more. Havi is surrounded by much affection and sweet security in your lovely family. Thank you for sharing the photos despite a busier schedule.

Jancy 8/22/2013  

I think there is a genuine rule that all 3rd children are born with- you must be louder than the other 2 before you!!! I am scared to see what my 4th will have to say. Glad to see life with 3 is going well she is so blessed to have parents like you!

Skeller 8/22/2013  

she is so very lovely, and expressive, and looks so very happy. it's hard to fathom she's only had you for 2 mos. it looks like she's never known anything different. God is Good.

Kim Cunningham 8/26/2013  

Gosh! Two months already! Time is flying. So great to see her fitting right in.

Stephanie 8/31/2013  

Simply adorable!! So happy for you all!

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