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Monday, July 30, 2012

Part 2: The playground

As soon as we arrived, Caleb was desperate to use the bathroom.  So all three of us went in- me still wearing my prescription sunglasses and toting my camera.  I could hardly see a thing in there, as there was very little light.  It wasn't until Caleb was finished and washing his hands that I noticed a tiny stream of light filtering through the top part of the outdoor bathroom, and Madeline was standing right in it.  This top shot was actually the last one I took, but since I'm linking up with Sunday Snapshot, I'm putting it...well, at the top.

I LOVE how she was completely surrounded by darkness.  I am completely fascinated with low light photography and definitely want to practice it more.

Anyway, back to the playground.  Although we had our water bottles, the kids couldn't resist a drink at the fountain.  The trajectory was a bit high, so Caleb stood on the side of it while Madeline pushed the button.  They had a lot of fun doing this, and I think the soaked shirt helped to keep Caleb cool for a wee little bit.

After Caleb lathered himself up with sunscreen, I snapped a few shots while he waited for Madeline to apply hers...because she insists that she's a big girl and can do it.  You know, that's what happens when you're 4.  You can do everything.

Then they were off!

Oh, how I love the sweat and sunscreen pouring off their faces!!!

And if you can believe it, after all that running around, they still had enough energy to swim in the pool.  Believe me when I say they slept like logs that night.  We had such a fun, summer afternoon.  It made my heart melt, which I guess if the sun didn't do it,then they would.  They always do.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I just love watching the two of them have fun together.  I love the relationship they have, and I pray it continues.

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Ni Hao Yall

A little downtown fun

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today's post is actually a "how to/how not to" photography kind of post.  

You see, in my search for interesting places to shoot, I've been driving around town a bit and taking the long way from Point A to Point B.  And in my search, I came across this funny mural downtown.  The first time I spotted it was actually three weeks ago.  I had my camera in tow; actually, I had ALL my gear as I was shooting corporate headshots for Patrick's office that morning.  Anyway, I asked the kids to hop out and help.  

I instructed them to sit on this bench.  As you can see, we needed to work on proper sitting. lol  Madeline is sitting in the air, and I couldn't stop laughing at how unrealistic this shot was.
Umm...nope.  Not working.
Fast forward to this week.  Although it's not perfect, it's a vast improvement over sitting in the air instead of the bench.

Three weeks ago, I also asked Madeline to smell the flowers.  While this shot isn't bad, her dress completely blends in with the mural.  The only reason I can see her is because of the hair accessory she chose to wear that day.  
Again, I'm cracking up here.  She's smelling the air and not the flowers.
This week...I asked her to hold the flowers as she smelled them and had her wear something solid so she didn't look like a flower in the flower cart.
Backtrack to three weeks ago, I asked the kids to peer into the windows.  Not terrible here but Madeline's supposed to be looking in the window, not me.
And here, Caleb looks like he's banging his head against the wall in protest of this photo shoot.  But he wasn't; he really was enjoying himself.  So nope, not working.
This week, you can see that I asked them to reduce some of the glare we sometimes get when peering in windows, and the effect was much better...well, if you're actually looking into the wall window.

Some more from three weeks ago because I just feel like sharing them.  Yeah, I'm kicking myself that it took me three weeks to get back there and re-do the shoot. 

Here, Madeline posed herself. She told me, "Mommy, I'm gonna look at Caleb, okay?" lol
So, after our re-do this week, we strolled around town for a few more shots.  Well, actually, we probably didn't walk more than 40 feet from our original spot.  But it sounds more fun if I say we strolled, right?
Oh, how I love this shot of Caleb squatting down to tie his shoe.  He got distracted by a car going by.
The kids discovered some bugs and a little rock path.

Then we found an abandoned storefront and took a rest.

Madeline sat down in front of the door, and I seized the opportunity to shoot her reflection.
Clearly irritated with me at this point.  Still as cute as can be though.
Considering it was about 3:00pm and hotter than hot in the Florida summer heat, I wasn't even going to force the kids to smile at me for some shots.  I actually instructed them to look grumpy and hot.  I thought it would be more natural and realistic.

And that's the end...well, from that location.  Afterward, we hit the park by the river...again. I'm telling ya, this photography class is kicking me out of the house, for real.  But the photos from location #2 will have to wait for another post.

Did you see me make an appearance?  
I'm telling you I loved that little glass door...except when this happens...
Hey strange man....get outta my shot!

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