Here I go again

Friday, July 27, 2012

I know what you're thinking.  
"Here she goes again, getting all snap happy and bogging down the blog with photos."

And you might be right, to a degree.  I have been in one photography class or another since the beginning of June and still have five more weeks in my current class.  And part of my class participation means getting out there and practicing.  Now, I know I can't possibly share every photo I take for my class/es.  But I do have a few that I'd like to share each week because that's honestly how we are spending our summer days.

On this particular evening, we went down to the ball field so Caleb and Patrick could play catch and get in some batting practice. While Caleb practiced his hitting, I spent some time with Madeline on the playground. She wasn't interested in me following her around with my camera, but I did capture some sun flare. 

 Then Patrick helped Caleb practice catching fly balls.
Madeline asked to use my phone so she could take pictures too.  So I complied.

So please pardon me these next few weeks if I happen to share a week bit more than I usually do.

Well, tomorrow is the big waterslide gotcha day/forever family day party.  The waterslide peeps have a busy Saturday planned and asked if they could come tonight and set up early.  Um, that's a no brainer!  Can't wait to get wet and enjoy some bar-b-que pork and all the trimmings!  And I'm gonna do my best to capture the fun in the noon day sun, harsh lighting and all!

For more photo fun, hop on over to Lisa's blog.

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Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 7/27/2012  

Oh these are sweet! You are doing a great job. I love the backlight & that gorgeous sun flare.

Deb 7/27/2012  

Gorgeous sunflare, sis! You are certainly growing more and more as a photographer!! I am just a wee bit jealous *wink* love ya!!!

Tamar SB 7/27/2012  

She is so cute! Love how she was using the iphone to take pictures too!

lisacng 7/27/2012  

I love photos! Keep posting :). I experimented with golden hour and sunflare about a month ago too. Much fun! Can't wait to see some water slide photos! Even in harsh light, I'm sure you'll do great!

Kim Cunningjam 7/27/2012  

I love your sun flare! What fun to be able to take all these classes! I look forward to seeing all you post!

Sharon 7/28/2012  

Love the sunflare! It's like we HAVE to say yes when they ask for our cameras, right? : )

Teri 7/29/2012  

Love that sun flare!!! I love seeing your photos from class...those are the most awesome classes!!! Great job!

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