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Friday, July 13, 2012

I am seriously enjoying my second photography class I'm taking this summer.  In pushing past my comfort zone, Lisa has really challenged me to THINK about my shots before I take them.  She has even forced me out of my house and yard!  That's sayin' a lot for this homebody!  So this week I found myself searching around for interesting places to shoot.

Since we have been spending a few afternoons each week at the library, I thought it would be a good idea to take my big girl camera with me.  And as I type this post, I realized I never downloaded some of the other images I snagged there this week.  Oops.  (I'll have to do that.)  

Anyway, on this particular day the summer program included a dance performance with birds and a few animals. It was very... interesting.  I really wasn't planning on shooting the performance (or anything at the library that day; I had my camera with me to shoot afterwards.) But I couldn't resist snagging a few photos of the kids with some of the performers.  

Here is Madeline with a mouse...please disregard the fact that the focus is waaaay off.  I was quick to snap it because I was afraid she was going to drop that little critter!  She surprised me though.

She was so completely taken with using my iPhone to photograph some of the birds and the rabbit.  Oh, that poor rabbit.  She chased him every where!

Caleb was brave enough to let a Macaw perch on his arm.  I'm kicking myself that the bird isn't in focus also, but I had my ISO cranked up so much already that I didn't want to stop down on my aperture any more.
Being that we arrived pretty close to the start of the program, we had to find parking elsewhere.  That meant parking at our local supermarket...way down at the other end from the entrance.  Upon returning to the car after the program, I stopped in my tracks.  

me: "Hey kids, why don't you sit down right there and enjoy all those animal books you just checked out at the library?"
kids: "Okay."

For Madeline: giraffes
For Caleb: octopuses and whales, though he's looking at a human body book here

In my continued search for interesting places to shoot, I thought I would drag the kids down to the beach, since the weather proved to be ideal for shooting there that day.  I had the kids come home for a quick "wardrobe" change because their clothing didn't scream beautiful beach photo attire.

They were thrilled to throw shells back in the ocean and dig in the sand.

After a little bit of fun and getting sand all up their arms, it was time to hit the showers and wash off before climbing back in the car.  My eyes just about popped out of my head when I spotted this mural on the bathroom wall.

Yep.  He's my treasure!
Caleb was a great sport about snapping a few more photos; Madeline, not so much.

This weekend we will be helping little Joshua celebrate his first birthday.  Can you believe this little guy is already one years old?  It seems like just yesterday that he joined our family.  How quickly time flies!

To see some more fabulous photos, stop by Lisa's blog!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures 7/13/2012  

I want to do one of Lisa's classes one day... Someone was telling me the gardens at FIT is a nice place wanna go there one day. Hugs

Amy 7/13/2012  

I'm officially jealous that you live so close to the beach! It's my dream to move to a beach one day. We are planning a trip to the ocean soon - so I have a question for you: How do you protect your camera from all the sand & water? I'm desperate to take pretty pics of my kiddos, but the last thing I want is to potentially hurt my camera!

Ruthie 7/13/2012  

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

MG Atwood 7/13/2012  

Your shots are lovely. Nice job on deep DOF. You nailed it! I will keep working on it! Such cuties to photograph, that would make it a joy. Happy weekend. Looking forward to lesson #2

Kimberly 7/13/2012  

Your photos on the beach are wonderful and so clear and bright.


Kimberly @

Mom2Six 7/13/2012  

Ok, you're hired! You have GOT to take our family photo. And if you can get TJ to smile, I'll even reward you handsomely!!!

lisacng 7/14/2012  

Glad to hear you're enjoying the second class and being pushed out of your comfort zone. It'll definitely help you grow. I need a push!! I love the wide shot of them reading. I also love the clarity and cheeriness of the beach photos!

Deb 7/15/2012  

So I love them all, but my fav is Caleb's precious feet with his name in the sand. Simply love that you were able to capture that!

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