A belated Gotcha wish

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lest you think we somehow forgot about Madeline's 2 year Gotcha Day Anniversary yesterday, this mini post will clear the air.  Knowing in advance that Patrick would have to be out of town on her special day (and very early...like 3:00am,) we opted for balloons and flowers the night before.  She was tickled and said a million thank you's.

The rest of the day passed pretty typically for summer- some play indoors during the morning and then swimming in the afternoon, for 2 hours.  I had hoped to take the kids down to the park and pier for a few sunset shots at the end of the day.  And while we did go down to the park and pier and snap a few photos, the sun decided not to cooperate.  So the end result was not exactly what I was going for.

So where are those photos, you might ask?  Still on my camera. Why?  My computer is on life support.  It has been for some time, actually.  I have no RAM left to run Lightroom (sniff sniff) or anything else at a reasonable speed.  So my new computer is on its way.  It will actually arrive tomorrow, which isn't soon enough! lol.  Once I get it up and running, I will be a happy camper again. I have had to revert back to editing in Photoshop Elements, which is fine....except I loathe editing my images one.at.a.time.  Yep, I've been spoiled by Lightroom's batch editing capabilities.

Anyway, I will leave you with a few homework images I took this week for my photography class.  I am really, really, REALLY enjoying this class.  It's really stretching me, which is exactly what I was hoping for!

And as for Madeline's "real" Gotcha Day celebration...that will happen next weekend when we rent a waterslide for some splish splashing fun.  Bammy will be coming down from Connecticut, too.  And we all can't wait to see her!

Happy belated Gotcha Day, sweet girl.
We love you like crazycakes!!!!!!


Deb 7/20/2012  

I am so thrilled how your photography class is stretching you and I enjoy gleaning from your experience, too! Love the angles and framing you have captured in these photos. Can't wait to see you next weekend and enjoy the slide. It's for adults, too, right? Love ya!

the meaklims 7/20/2012  

Your pictures are always beautiful, Eva. And happy 2 years as a forever family to your beautiful Madeline.

Jill xox

Stephanie 7/20/2012  

Can't wait to see the actual Gotcha Day celebration, but these pics are awfully cute. Someday I will have a cool camera and learn how to take awesome pics...hopefully. Until then, I will admire yours!

lisacng 7/25/2012  

It's so sweet you celebrate her birthday and her "gotcha" day?? Too cool! Love the clarity and composition of the photos, as always. Love that you love your photo class!

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