Her bed head

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I just love it.
See that little wispy pointing left?  When it shows up, I have to grab my camera.

And did you see her cute little morning stretch?  ...blurred because my shutter speed was so slow.  Well, I'm learning to embrace the technically imperfect shots, thanks to Ashley Ann's class that I took earlier this summer.  So I'm keeping it, blurred image and all.


Melissa 7/24/2012  

The girl can rock some wild bedhead.

Deb 7/24/2012  

She is so stinkin cute with her bed head! I love that girl!!

Diane 7/24/2012  

Madeline is soooooo adorable in ALL your photos!!! Her "morning stretch"....PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing your little cutie pie with us!!!
God Bless,

Stephanie 7/24/2012  

I love how you capture those sweet moments in your kids' lives.

the meaklims 7/25/2012  

That is a very very cute wisp of hair! Is that what you call a cows lick?! :) Darling stretch too! She is charming, in everything she does.


lisacng 7/27/2012  

Sometimes capturing the moment is more important than the technical, right? Hehe. LOVELY wisp! She won't appreciate this when if she's a teenager but for now, it's cute!

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