Some forgotten shots

Thursday, July 26, 2012

One of the drawbacks with my old computer is that if I snapped a few random photos here or there, I didn't take the time to upload them; It just took forever and a day.  So there they sat on my memory card, collecting digital dust.  But now that I have a computer with some RAM, I'm just a wee bit giddy.  The thought of working efficiently has my heart all in a flutter.  And those random photos begging to be uploaded have been dusted off and have seen the light of day.

Take these two shots, for example.  
My precious boy snapped them with my big girl camera just after my birthday, about 2 1/2 months ago.
Just sharing some love with my little princess.

And since it's been a while since I've embraced the camera, I thought I would share them and link up with Emily over at the Anderson crew.  Have you embraced the camera lately?  If so, join the fun!


Alexis 7/26/2012  

Beautiful photos! Yay for a new computer. Your little girl is adorable!

raisingrainbows 7/26/2012  

Wow! You two are beautiful!! Sweet moments

HoboBaby 7/26/2012  

Oh good. So there is hope for me if only I can EVER find money for a new computer. I HATE MY COMPUTER! These pictures are beautiful though, your daughter is precious :)

Kara 7/26/2012  

These pictures are beautiful, your son may have a calling :) Glad you got them uploaded.

Laura 7/26/2012  

Beautiful photos... thanks for sharing :]

The Smiths 7/26/2012  

Aww, what beautiful photos! Your little girl is adorable!

Boni Lady 7/26/2012  

beautiful {embrace} moment!

Stephanie 7/26/2012  

Ahhh, your digital dusting paid off. Priceless photos!

MommaBBabyboy 7/26/2012  

Beautiful pictures!

Deb 7/26/2012  

Love those sweet kisses, sis! Caleb is an awesome photographer. You are one lucky momma!

Teri 7/27/2012  

What beautiful can just feel the love:)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 7/27/2012  

Oh my word these are beautiful moments you have here! I hear you on the computer. Working efficiently is certainly something to get excited over.

lisacng 7/27/2012  

LOVE the selfies! So adorable!

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