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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I know I have often joked on here about how Madeline loves to find trouble. But it's true. Her curiosity gets the best of her. And I often find her fingers doing lots of walkin' where they shouldn't be. Several times a day, I can be sure that when entering the same room where she is, I will catch her throwing something back "into place." Such items include but are not limited to: 1. chapstick 2. pens 3.markers/crayons 4. toothpaste 5. soap etc. Anyway, a few weeks ago, while I was schooling Caleb, I noticed Madeline was silent. While I thought she was in her room, she was actually getting into my make up in my purse. And this is what I found:

Caught! She knew she was in trouble when I found her getting into my make up bag and putting on my chapstick.

Well, not much has been going on since I last updated....just the usual: homeschooling Caleb, running to therapy, baseball, and Madeline just being her cute, curious little self. I am still way behind on editing photos. So I will share what I have managed to get around to lately. I promise to share some cute videos of the kids on our vacation, soon. Enjoy some of the many faces of Madeline.
Peek-a-boo, otherwise known as "Pee-da-doo"

Up to no good

Ready to play catch with Caleb


Cheri 10/24/2010  

Yes, it seems like "silence" with your children is a dangerous thing! My boys were always/still are up to something when there is nothing to listen to. My girls are just too loud/too many to do anything sneaky.

Life is busy for you, isn't it?!

Stephanie 10/24/2010  

She is just precious!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures 10/25/2010  

Shauna LOVES chapstick... it is her 'lipstick'... hey Madeline is a girly girl :)

Melissa 10/26/2010  

Madeline just takes my breath away! She seems to be soaking in all the love her family has. I am still just in awe of how quickly the change happens. The girls don't even look like the same little girls we saw standing in big old coats at the orphange.

Jancy 10/28/2010  

She is so cute! With a face like that you can only smile whenever you do catch her up to no good. BTW I am so there with you on a 2 yr old being curious I just have the boy angle of it. LOL

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