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Thursday, January 16, 2014

First order of business here on the blog is to wish my most precious son a belated Happy Birthday!
I can't believe he's nine years old.  It just doesn't seem possible.  Well, it kinda does.  I mean, he's less than a foot shorter than me and can fit into my flip flops.  So I shouldn't be surprised. But still.  Sigh.  His birthday was on Sunday, but we celebrated early by taking him camping for an extended weekend.

The weekend before last, though, Caleb played in a tennis tournament with one of his buddies Scott.  He was so happy to have a friend make the long drive to play in a higher level tournament with him.  
The boys played well even though they didn't win the event.  Unfortunately both of them had to play a kid who was less than classy.  He was down right rude and dishonest.  Now that makes for a fun time.  Um, not really.  It's sad that they even had to deal with someone like this in a 10 and Under event.  It was a big wake up call for us.

The girls enjoyed hanging out and eating all day, despite the frigid temps.  When I say frigid, that would be by Florida starting out the day in the low 40s and only warming up to the low 60s.
See that swirl on Havi's head?  Her hair will just stay in place once moved. So Patrick and I will often swirl it like that for kicks.  I call it her hurricane hairdo.  She was so busy playing with her shoes, so she didn't mind.

The tournament director ended up pushing the fourth match from the second day of the event to the first, which made for a very, very long day for the girls (and Baba).  Caleb could've gone one more round.  That boy has so much energy.
So this weekend, he has another tournament.  Thankfully this one is local.  And the good news is that he will get to play in at least one local tournament a month.  He really does enjoy tournament play and wants to play every weekend.  But unfortunately, all the big tournaments require us to drive about an hour and a half to get there.  So we have to pick and choose wisely.

Well, I was hoping to share some of our camping trip this week, but it seems now I'm a little bit behind with my blogging.  Hopefully, I will catch back up here soon.  I took a ton of photos and actually shot with my Fujifilm more than my Nikon.  It's so handy!  Actually, I took all these photos with my Fujifilm too.  It's not as intrusive as my Nikon. So I can be a bit more stealth with it.  Anyway, I hope to blog about our camping trip soon.

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June K 1/16/2014  

Caleb's love for tennis is such a good thing. Not only does he learn tennis skills but it teaches him so much more life lessons through competition and sportsmanship. I saw the swirl in Havi's hair before I read your story about her hair. It reminded me of a swirled flower.

Kim 1/16/2014  

Sorry about the rude opponent. It's hard to face that, but I suppose it is a great teaching point on the other hand. It's always sad to witness though. Hope Caleb had a wonderful birthday! I love Havi's swirl.

lisacng @ 1/16/2014  

It *is* sad that you have to deal with rudeness and cheating at age 10!!! Gosh!!! Glad Caleb is a good sport and has good sportsmanship. Glad you're loving your new Fujifilm!

Grandma (Bammy) 1/16/2014  

Can't wait to see you play tennis, Caleb!!!!
So awesome!!!
Sending lots of love

Deb 1/16/2014  

Happy belated Birthday, Caleb!!! I can't wait to see him play again in our neck of the woods. Glad you guys enjoyed your camping despite the weather. Can't wait to see more camping photos!

Snap 1/16/2014  

Adorable kids. Sorry about the rudeness and so young. Hope Caleb had a wonderful birthday. I think it's great that he enjoys tennis.

Fannie 1/20/2014  

I know what you mean about catching up on the blog! I am SOOOO behind! Catching up this week, though, I am determined! :) Caleb is really getting into the tennis thing huh? That's awesome! Looking forward to the camping pics. What is your Fujifilm? Is it just a point & shoot? I'm obsessed with getting better at planning shoots with my Nikon. Hoping some classes with Lisa pay off! :)

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