Connecticut adventures: Part 1

Friday, October 10, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, we headed to Connecticut for almost a week to celebrate our niece Lydia's 8th birthday.  We had a particularly uneventful flight up, which was lovely.  But all that lovely turned to blah when Caleb's suitcase didn't make it on the flight.  It's kind of hard to believe on a direct flight, which was on time and so were we.  And the rest of our bags with it made it also.  Still scratching our heads on that one.  But anyway, it did eventually arrive very early the next morning.  So all was good.

Anyway, let me back up to after the flight....we got to Michele and John's house in the early afternoon.  The dumplings were so excited to head down the driveway to meet Lydia when she got off the bus.  
 They still had their shorts on from traveling and were a bit cold.  But they managed a quick wardrobe change before the bus arrived.
 Then it was off to the backyard to play on the swing set, where they spent a lot of down time.
Our first full day there was Lydia's actual birthday, and we headed to a small town country fair in Berlin, CT to start her birthday festivities. 
 The littles played a few games and won some prizes.
 And of course, they each had to have a turn riding a pony, even little Havi.
 The weather was absolutely gorgeous...sunny and in the 70s....a dream.  The kids went on some rides and enjoyed the sun on their faces and wind in their hair.
 Airbrush tatoos were a must.
 And although I don't have any photos to prove it, we really ate a lot!  Lobster rolls, sno cones and fried dough/funnel cake/elephant ears (whatever you wanna call it.)
 We eventually headed home and rested up for a bit before heading out to Lydia's birthday dinner.  We decided on hibachi.  Lydia stood up and did a little birthday dance.  Then Madeline joined her for a bit before she blew out her candle.
 And yes, Michele and John nailed the "Lady and the Tramp" noodle kiss.  We headed back to the house after dinner for some more birthday song singing and candle blowing, accompanied by ice cream cake and presents.
We had a great time spending the day with Lydia on her birthday.  Her actual birthday party was the next day.  I will share about that in my next post, as this is the first in a series of posts about our trip.... because I took way too many photos and could never consider sharing just a few.  Sorry!  You know me!

Have a great weekend!!!


lisacng @ 10/10/2014  

Glad the bash arrived later but what an inconvenience! I love the photos of the kids in the step. The pumpkin and flowers are a great game. The ones on the swing also captured thread kids' joy wonderfully!

lisacng @ 10/10/2014  

*bag arrived

michele 10/19/2014  

Loved all the pictures....dinner pictures are very cute! Thanks again for an amazing time. Can't wait to see you guys again soon. It was a blast!!
Love from CT!!!

Jancy Peter 10/31/2014  

So cute to see them waiting for the bus.Love those pictures!

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