That roll of film that took forever

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

 I popped this 35mm roll of Kodak Portra 400 into my Nikon F100 last June and shot the first 2/3 of it during the summer.  I didn't finish it until almost Christmas.  Oops.  Anyway, here they are.  And just like in the past, these are straight scans (from Richard Photo Lab using their Noritsu scanner) with my watermark added.

Last summer, this precious peanut often fell asleep in the hallway by our office/my sewing room.
Cupcakes Frosting for breakfast.
Chillin' at the tennis courts.
Silliness at home.
I snapped a few shots of Havi using Madeline's old pedal bike while she waited for her balance bike to arrive.
And then I snapped a few once it finally did arrive.
Then Christmas was upon us (note the tree in the background and the somewhat "winter-ish" attire)
(That's a bling-y sticker on Madeline's ear; they're not pierced yet.)
Every time I pick up my film camera and shoot, I get mad at myself for not doing it more often.  It's challenging to shoot active kids for sure, and I find myself hesitating before pressing the shutter.  But I love the challenge and surprise of getting my scans and prints (yes, prints!) in the mail.  This art is not lost on me.  I love it.  I sure wish I had shot more rolls in 2014 though.  I only shot 3.  Boo.  But I hope to shoot more this year and start learning how certain films behave. I have spent all of January trying to declutter my home and also my life.  In doing so, I hope to create extra time for the things I love, including shooting film.


B Wilson 2/03/2015  

great photos!!! One can see them growing up day by day!!! How wonderful....
sending love from coooold Connecticut!!!

Anonymous 2/03/2015  

What great photos!

Cheri 2/04/2015  

Oh, it makes me look forward to summer! Love the pictures.

lisacng @ 2/05/2015  

These turned out great! Sharp, in focus! LOVE! Makes me want to buy a roll of film!

Jancy Peter 2/05/2015  

Aren't balance bikes the best?! That is the 1 toy I will keep and pass down to my grandchildren! LOL love the shot of Maddy and Caleb together. Reminds me of my two older ones.

Deb 2/07/2015  

You amaze me at your ability at shoot gorgeous film photos! Can't wait to see more!

Kim Cunningham 2/16/2015  

Great job with the film! Love all these!

Kim Cunningham 3/11/2015  

I'm back to comment again! LOL. I appreciate this on a whole new level now that I'm shooting film. I chose Nortisu for my first roll so this gives me an idea of the processing. I'm with you on hesitating to push the shutter. I miss fired two shots today with a quick shutter on the Nikon FM 10. I was so sad to waste two frames.

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