We survived last weekend...and then some!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Well, the title of the post says it all.  We were on the go-go-go since last Thursday, when Madeline had her dress rehearsal.  Caleb lucked out with a tennis lesson during the rehearsal, so it was just the girls and me.  I snapped a few photos at the house before we left.
 We were there a wee bit early.  So I snapped a few more photos of Madeline waiting to go back with her class.
 This year was the first year that we did not have general admission for the rectial; we actually had assigned seats.  And I was away at a tennis tournament one weekend when I asked Patrick to go to the studio to buy tickets.  Well, I had no idea when I asked him to do that that seats were assigned.  Thankfully, he got to the studio "late" and purchased tickets pretty high up in the middle.  My telephoto lens appreciated that. lol  Honestly though....it did because even those seats were a wee bit close for shots of the whole class.  So I quietly got up and sat myself in the very last row, all by myself.  Score!  Madeline performed both Friday night and Saturday night.  Her class did a ballet number to "Love is an Open Door" from the Frozen soundtrack.  It was sweet.
Since the children's program was included in the rest of the recital, they did their curtain call right before intermission.  Then they were dismissed.
 Saturday started early (as in dark-before-the-sun-rises early, not bright).  Patrick took Caleb to his tennis tournament, and the girls and I joined them after his first match finished.  His tournament will be a completely separate post because it's too much to include with this one.  Suffice it to say that after three matches, we all (my sister's family included) came back to our neck of the woods for the Saturday evening performance.  After the show, I had to snap a cousin photo.
I also snapped a quick photo of Madeline with her friend Jenna, who also happens to have an older brother named Caleb and is also homeschooled.  Much in common?! lol

Anyway after Saturday night's show, we all headed back to the house for some food and swimming.  I actually had to kick my sister out the door because Caleb had to get up early and head back to his tournament for Day #2.  Still, it was a fun night filled with lots of laughter and memories in the making.

Well, Madeline, you make us so proud.  You definitely love being on the stage.  And we love the beautiful dancer you are becoming.  Keep up the hard work!  We love you!


B Wilson 6/12/2015  

wow - super - stupendous - beautiful - great photos of such a beautiful, stunning ballerina.......how lovely you are Madeline!!
can't wait to see the video!
Sending love from Connecticut

Jancy 6/15/2015  

She looks so pretty Eva!

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