A birthday haircut for Madeline?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I knew it wasn't a matter of if but when....when would my precious little girl get her hair chopped? I've heard of birthday haircuts, but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. LOL.

Even with a chop like this, my little girl is STILL as cute as a button, oh my! But I guess keeping bangs on her (and all the other little ones)was too much for the orphanage staff. It seems they all got their hair chopped recently. In most of the photos we have of Madeline, her bangs are hanging low & in her eyes. So I'm not surprised by this at all. I guess I'm just a little sad for her that her birthday photos have her hair super duper short. No doubt, I'll be putting her in dresses in C*hina so there is no confusion about her gender. LOL.

I am so happy to receive these photos because the smile on Madeline's face is PRICELESS! I was told that she had a lovely party with her friends. What more can a mom ask for?


Love Lives Here 3/18/2010  

Oh No! I didn't know that they would cut their hair. Oh well, She still has that breath taking smile. Hair will grow back.


Allison 3/18/2010  

She is still adorable! I imagine it's much easier to take care of :) Dresses are a must for your little princess, lol! Glad to hear she had a wonderful party!

Cheri 3/18/2010  

I, too, was concerned about my children's haircuts! I specifically asked them in a letter sent with a carepackage not to cut Ivy or Joy's hair. They obliged, thank goodness!

I know how glad you are to get pics. She is still a cutie.

Deb 3/22/2010  

You know that I love her precious smile with those adorable chubby cheeks. She is just as cute as ever!

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