Clothes for the children & birthday wishes for Madeline

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When we donated money for the New Year party for the Jingmen orphange, we hoped to have enough money left over to buy some new clothes for the children, and fortunately, there was. Well, today, I received photos of the children wearing the new clothes. It just warms my heart to see this.

Iris (far left) and Madeline standing next to her, with 2 other precious children

With none of them looking at the camera...ah, the joy of photographing 4 little ones...too cute

I also wanted to share with you the care package Madeline will receive tomorrow for ther 2nd birthday. We are sending her a jacket, blanket, books, toy, camera, hair clips, and candy (and bag to put this all in when we travel to bring her home.) We also donated some pajamas to the orphanage.

As I type this, Madeline has been tucked into bed the night before her birthday. When she wakes up, we hope she will be delighted to receive her package and cake. We pray those around her will celebrate her birthday with joy in their hearts, knowing she has a family half way around the world that loves her dearly and can't wait to hold her in their arms. Happy Birthday, precious Madeline!!! Women ai ni! (We love you!)


Allison 3/11/2010  

Happy Birthday Madeline!

Cheri 3/11/2010  

Happy Birthday to your daughter. I know you must be so anxious to hold her. She and my Joy seem to have the same need.

Deb 3/11/2010  

Happy 2nd Birthday Madeline!

Bammy 3/12/2010  

Happy Birthday Madeline - you have a special family awaiting you!!
Love Bammy

Colleen Cocci 3/14/2010  

Happy Birthday, Madeline! There are so many people here who can't wait to meet you.

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