He didn't cry!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We are so unbelievably proud of our precious ge ge, Caleb. Yesterday, he had to have his wellness check for school, which required one shot (thankfully only one). Well, our big, brave boy got that one shot in his leg and didn't even cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh did my heart leap! All the while, Jin Bei was whimpering in my arms on her ge ge's behalf. (Poor girl was so scared to be in that doctor's office.) Anyway, we are just so proud of Caleb for taking his shot like such a big boy, way bigger than his 5.5 years. Way to go, Caleb. You're awesome! We love you. I just had to share!!!!


Stephanie 8/05/2010  

Moms are supposed to cheer about those milestones! Way to go, Caleb! You are handsome AND brave!

Melissa 8/06/2010  

I am so proud of Caleb. Elliot had to have 2 shots. He tried real hard not to cry. He just hugged me real tight. Way to go Caleb.

Fliss and Mike Adventures 8/07/2010  

You are one brave young man Caleb... can't wait to see you again...

Colleen Cocci 8/08/2010  

What a brave trooper you are, Caleb! You're the man :-) Can't wait to see you again and get to meet your little sister.

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