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Friday, September 17, 2010

So here are a few photos from our playtime in the front yard last week, while Patrick and Caleb were at the grocery store. At first Madeline Bei took to her dolly. And then she decided she was thirsty and wanted to drink water from a bottle. This was an absolute nightmare in Chin@ because she had no idea how to drink from one, and the water just ran down the front of her every time. I am happy to report she can now drink from a water bottle, just like ge ge. Unfortunately (?) this water bottle ended up in about every shot I took. Oh well. At least she enjoyed drinking from it.

Love her lips in this shot

Pausing for just a moment..... between gulps

Precious girl


Hoots Momma 9/17/2010  

how old is Madeline? how old was she when you first met in China?

The Raudenbush Family 9/17/2010  

What wonderful pics of her--her lips are adorable! :)

Deb 9/18/2010  

Little Miss Bei's lips are precious. Glad that she is able to drink from a big girl water bottle. Yay!

Melissa 9/18/2010  

Oh my gosh, that is too cute! I love the lips.
Iris just learned to drink from a cup and bottle too. They just get so proud of themselves.

Fliss and Mike Adventures 9/20/2010  

Oh she is so gorgeous... Those little lips are heavenly :)

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