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Monday, September 6, 2010

It should come to you as no surprise what some of the loves in my life are. Naturally, God takes the cake. But second to Him is the love I have for my husband. Thirdly, I love my kids like crazycakes. But after all the precious peeps in my life, I have a great love for photography and sewing. Chalk it up to my childhood, where most precious memories captured on film also included my mom's fingers and missed our heads or feet. Also getting something new didn't mean a pricetag was included. I LOVED to shop at Kmart because it meant something truly brand new and not just new to me.

Today......well, I now have the privledge of sewing new clothes for me and my daughter. And that means so much more than buying it new in the store. I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment. My gramma was alive to see some of the things I made for myself, and the joy on her face made my heart swell.

Today's memories are also captured quite differently. When we traveled to Ch*in@ to bring Caleb home, Patrick bought me a digital SLR. (Do I have a great hubby or what?!) I wanted to capture not just childhood memories for my children. I wanted to capture beautiful images of these memories, not just snapshots of them. Photography has become a hobby that I really enjoy. And it's something I can "do" with my kids. While I don't sew for Caleb but do for Madeline Bei, photography is something we can all "do" together because we're just having fun and capturing the moment.

So this post is dedicated to three of those loves: my kids, sewing and photography. Well, it's mostly my kids and photography...but you can see one of the cute tops I made Madeline (and a beautiful hair bow made by my friend, Lisa!) Anyway, enjoy this photo-heavy post!

Simply stunning....and looking at my camera, for a change

Picking beach sunflowers in the front yard

Getting ready to play catch with Caleb

Will I ever get her to look in my direction???? LOL

So while having some fun in the yard, "playing" catch and all, I asked Caleb if he could give his sister a kiss. With my camera in continuous mode, I was able to capture this really sweet exchange between the munchkins.
Moving in

The finish


Stephanie 9/06/2010  

LOVE the kiss!!! Moment by moment..too sweet. Your children are beautiful.

Fliss and Mike Adventures 9/06/2010  

I think you take stunning photos... if only I could take stuff like that... still... I love it... I love to take photos of whatever, whenever I can... I am SO in love with my cameras :)
The kids are so gorgeous... hugs...

Colleen Cocci 9/07/2010  

Wondeful photos, as usual! I love "the finish". I have goosebumps, Eva. They are so lovely - Madeline and Caleb - and so lucky to have you and Patrick to guide them through life's struggles and happiness! Miss you.

Colleen Cocci 9/07/2010  

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Anita 9/10/2010  

Eva - I'm so glad to "find" you again! We're headed back for our Kaleb as we just received PA for him! Gotta link your blog here later to follow along. Madeline is beautiful and I cannot believe how big Caleb is....oh my goodness. What beautiful children the Lord has blessed you with! HUGS!

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