A Little Catching Up: Tee Ball

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As promised, here are some photos from Caleb's latest tee ball game. When Caleb was playing second base, he made the first out of the season! In tee ball, you don't keep track of outs or runs. Every player gets to bat each inning, too. But if a base runner is thrown out, they have to return to the dugout. We're so proud of him!

Caleb continues to bat well. He strikes the ball cleanly and with confidence. Here he is taking a hard swing and making a great hit.

The other unique situation with tee ball is that, when the final batter hits the ball, all the base runners will clear the bases and run home. Last year, Caleb was the second to last batter and thoroughly enjoyed running full speed from first all the way home. Now that he bats first, he has to stop at every base. Here he is after having to stop at third.
Coaching third base this past game was none other than Coach Randy's oldest son, Trey. He was on Caleb's tee ball team last year, but this year, he is playing coach pitch. He still loves to help his dad out, as evidenced by his enthusiam at third base.

On another note, I thought I would share a few more photos from Madeline's birthday. This was the present that Auntie Deb, Uncle Andy, and Leah gave Madeline. My sister, Deb, stamped the wrapping paper and made the gift tag, too. Isn't she talented? So cute.

And since my dear bloggy friend, Cheri, who is "somewhere in Viriginia" instead of "somewhere in Florida", I had to find somebody else to make Madeline's cake.

I do promise to catch up on some homeschooling stuff. I took a precious video of Caleb and Madeline watching the space shuttle, Discovery, return to earth. So I have lots to talk about regarding science. But I'm also so excited about what's going on in all our other subjects, especially math and writing. Stay tuned.


Patrick 3/17/2011  

Those are some great pictures honey! Caleb loves playing so much. He really is very athletic. It's hard to believe that he once was afraid to go out and play, now he is leading his team. Another prayer wonderfully answered!

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