Sunday Snapshot: Happy 3rd Birthday, precious girl!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yesterday was a very special day. Waaaay back in October 2009, when we accepted Madeline's referral, we knew there is very little chance of celebrating her 2nd birthday with her here at home. We knew we'd be sending her a cake and some gifts in the hopes that she would know she was loved by her forever family. We knew her 3rd birthday would be the first birthday we would get to celebrate together. That day arrived yesterday.

It started off as most of our Saturdays do of late....heading down to the baseball field to watch Caleb play some tee ball. Deb, Andy, and Leah were able to make the trip to watch Caleb play. It was fun to have everyone there to rally around the Phillies. (Those photos will come later.)

After the game, we went back home for some yummy lunch and chill time. It was great to watch all the kidlets playing together and having fun. Patrick grilled out some delicious steaks and veggies for dinner.

The birthday festivities wouldn't have been complete without a delicous birthday cake. Madeline kept practicing her "blowing out the candles prematurely" thing. But if you can believe it, when it actually came time to do so, she waited until we all finished singing! We were stunned, that little stinker.

After cake, Madeline opened up some presents: a sweet Easter book and Kai Lan Leapster game from Auntie Michele, Uncle John and Lydia, a beginner sewing kit from Auntie Deb, Uncle Andy, and Leah, and a pretend cleaning kit from mommy and daddy.

We love you like crazycakes, precious girl! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

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Cheri 3/13/2011  

Happy Birthday! It seems so long ago that we were waiting for our girls, doesn't it? Do you think you'll do it again?

On another is your sister's friend who has cancer? I've been thinking of her lately. Mammo for me tomorrow:(

Stephanie 3/13/2011  

I'm so glad you had such fun celebrating her birthday together as a family. She is a beauty!

Jancy 3/14/2011  

Happy 3rd Birthday Madeline. Gorgeous little girl with an amazing smile.

Colleen Cocci 3/14/2011  

Happy Birthday to Madeline! Love her sweet smile. Of course, she has a lot to smile about! I enjoy reading the blog and seeing your wonderful pics, Eva. Looking forward to meeting Madeline and seeing big brother Caleb again soon.

Melissa 3/15/2011  

Happy Birthday Madeline!
Love, Iris

Patrick 3/17/2011  

Great pictures of our precious little girl! You are really turning out some incredible photos! Thanks beautiful wifee!

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