A Year Ago Today...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...We finally saw with our own eyes and touched with our own hands the girl we had only seen in photos for 9 months.

To say she was scared would be an understatement. I couldn't even convince her to come play with me in the play area of the civil affairs office. When the orphanage director left her with us, she magically cemented her feet to the floor in a fit of hysteria. She realized quickly that she would have to make this "new normal" work. So there were moments of contemplation and quiet grief. But they were short-lived that evening back in the hotel room. As she sat on my lap and let me feed her congee (Patrick couldn't even get near her), she decided she really didn't like this new normal at all. The blood curdling screams and crying that went on for over three hours was truly heartbreaking, though not unexpected.

As I sit and think about the events of that day, one year ago, it's amazing to see how much she has grown since then. Really. It's mind boggling. Her language skills have exploded. She cracks us up all. the. time. She only knows one volume- LOUD. She plays on all the big kid equipment on the playground. She wants to do everything her big brother does and her fierce determination gets her there. She can light up a room in the blink of an eye. And she lights up our hearts every day.

We are so proud of how far she has come. She freely gives hugs and kisses, unprompted. And she's getting better at obeying her parents. lol. She and Caleb get along so well and have so much fun together, though at times they can both bug each other, too. (What else would you expect from siblings?)

What is quite comical about Madeline's first Gotcha Day Anniversary is also quite telling. We couldn't even give Madeline a bird bath in China for FOUR days because she cried at the sound of running bath water. Well, today during swim lessons, she did her swim-float-swim sequence all the way across the pool, TWICE! All by herself!!!!! It's funny that she achieved such an accomplishment on her Gotcha Day Anniversary. But as I indicated earlier, this girl wears determination on her sleeve. Swimming would be no exception.

Madeline Bei, we love you and adore you and are so blessed to call you our daughter. Happy Gotcha Day, precious girl!


Barbara 7/19/2011  

Just got home today from Dallas, to spend time with my brother who is ill - and checked on my grandchildren's progress (as I often do) to see how they are!! Well, thanks to their Mommy's efforts, we all can see how quickly they advance! I will be with them this coming Friday and can't wait!!!

deb 7/19/2011  

We love having you a part of our family Madeline Bei. Thank you for your sweet kisses.

Kevin and Michele 7/20/2011  

Happy Day to your family! A very timely post to read as we are preparing for our sweet daughter to join us! Knowing how far she has come with you all is very encouraging as I am fully expecting and concerned about how a two year old will do adjusting. Our son was just a baby and bonded to us immediately. Guess it's time to shake it up now!
Madeline is beautiful and a very determined little one! Way to swim, girl!

Melissa 7/20/2011  

Happy anniversary Madeline. I guess these Jingman City girls are all very determined. Iris sends Madeline her love.

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