Sunday Snapshot: Better late than never

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yes, I know I know. I get the "Biggest blog slacker of the year" award. Hands down. Thank you very much. This Sunday Snapshot is not from this would be too predictable. Nope, this should've been last week's Sunday Snapshot. Not bad. A week late. *Sigh* Ah, the hustle and bustle of summer just won't slow down.

Anyway, last Saturday my sister, Deb, BIL Andy, and niece Leah came for some pre-4th of July fun. In typical fashion, we spent some time at the beach. Now, I'm afraid to admit, that although we live a block from the beach, the 4th of July weekend is the only "for sure" time we spend at the beach. Sad. So sad. We are seriously going to do our best to change this trend.

Not missing from the festivities were shovels and pails. Oh no. These kids LOVE to play in the sand. And that they did quite well. {By the way, these are all my sister's photos. I just took the liberty of editing them.}

The jellyfish were out in full force. So we mostly stayed out of the water. That is, everyone but Patrick. Caleb is still somewhat skiddish around the waves. Madeline, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of them.

After hanging out at the beach, we all came back to the house to swim in the pool. Madeline showed off her floating skills, while Caleb amazed his auntie with his swim-float-swim sequence.

Sunday was spent hanging out by the pool again. I love to to just chill and veg with my sis. ;) Then the gang all headed home. A short sweet visit....because they'll be coming back real soon for another one.

Oh, and I just have to share a hilarious Madeline moment from this week. The other day, the kids and I were eating an afternoon snack in our school room (yes, I let them eat dry snacks in there once in a while). I was busy doing work on the computer when I hear Madeline say, "Mommy he-nu up dere," which translated to "Mommy I have a peanut up my nose." Yup, that little stinker shoved a peanut right up her little nose. I tried to pull it out but couldn't. Wanting to capture the moment on camera before using the tweezers to remove it, I searched for my iPhone. Unfortunately, as I was looking for it, Little Miss Adventure gave a big blow, and out that sucker flew. Oh, priceless, I tell ya. Caleb has NEVER stuck anything up his nose. Why, oh, why am I not surprised with this girl? She is always looking for adventure.

Anyway, if you'd like to learn more about Sunday Snapshot, check out Stefanie's blog.

Sunday Snapshot


Merrill 7/10/2011  

Love the beach pictures. Can't wait to have some of my own in a few weeks!

And the peanut up the nose? Oh my...I can relate, except it was a Yo-Go. "Momma, look!" Yep, look at that bright pink little ball in your nose! Just the perfect size for inserting into your little nostril, sweet pea! I guess it's a "rite of passage" thing...for them and for us?!?!

Ginny 7/11/2011  

Great pics and I love how soft the focus is. Here from Sunday Snapshot.

Colleen Cocci 7/11/2011  

What fantastic photos. I think I see some future models in those beautiful little girls! You and Deb are so fortunate and your children are fortunate to have such great mommies and daddies!

I also can relate to the peanut in the nose. When I was little, I put a Cocoa Puff up my nose!

Melissa 7/13/2011  

Thankfully we have not had the pleasure of something stuck up the nose yet! I can't believe Iris hasn't thought of it yet.

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