Seven years ago

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's hard to believe that my mother went to heaven to be with the Lord seven years ago today. Truly. What has happened these past seven years? L.I.F.E. So much of it. My Gramma past away. Patrick and I have been to China twice to bring home our precious children. My sister, too, has adopted two amazing little ones. All of this has happened without the chance to "tell" my mother any of it. Sad? Yes. Has it been the end of me? No. Why not? Because the Lord has been slowly healing me.

Gosh, I remember so clearly in the days after she passed away, people would try to comfort me with their words. One of the comments I kept hearing was that time would heal my wounds. "LIE," I would shout. No way. Even after two years, I still claimed those words to be nothing but a lie.

But God's grace is sufficient for me. Seven years later, I can honestly say that my heart doesn't fall into a pit when I think of the loss of my mother. I know the Lord has healed her from her cancer, and heaven is a far better place than this earth. What more could I want for her? ;)

Now don't get me wrong, I still miss my mom a lot. I miss her big hugs and kisses. I miss her phone calls and letters (ah yes, old-fashioned handwritten letters). But I'm at a place where I can now rejoice in the days God has given me on earth without her instead of wishing for Him to take them back because she couldn't share in them with me.

I thought I would share here what was written in her Celebration of Life program at her memorial service. It describes my mom to a "T".

Susan was born on June 16, 1941 in Manhattan, New York to Edward and Eva Schaefer. In 1956, she moved to Hollywood, FL with her parents and her brothers, Harry and Robert. She attended South Broward High School, where she played the clarinet in the Bulldogs marching band.

She gave birth to her twin daughters, Eva and Debbra, in 1975. While she raised her children, she was actively involved in their extracurricular activities. Whether she was on the soccer field, volleyball court, or the softball diamond, she was always the teams’ biggest cheerleader. And when the girls attended the University of Florida, she became the biggest Gatormom there ever was!

She always enjoyed the time she spent doing craft projects for her family and friends. Birthdays, Christmas, or no reason at all, she always found the time to make something special for someone. She would even make gifts for folks she never met. She made everything with such love and care; you knew it came straight from the heart.

One evening in July 1997, she prayed with her daughter, Debbra, to receive the Lord as her Savior. So we know for certain that she is in a far better place, in the presence of our Lord. Although Susan will be greatly missed, she will never be forgotten. We’ll see you again, Susan. We love you!


Stephanie 8/13/2011  

Hugs to you as you remember your mom in such a sweet way. She sounds like such a wonderful mother and woman. So glad you have the peace of knowing she is with the Lord!

Deb 8/14/2011  

Thank you sweet sis for honoring our mom. I praise God for the healing He has done in your heart. I love you!

Barbara 8/17/2011  

Dear Eva - I thought of you when I read today's "daily reading" that my Mom gave me.
God has for you
A Light for every shadow
A Plan for every tomorrow
A Key for every problem and
A Balm for every sorrow.
I am glad to hear you are healing - it takes a long time (I know).
Please know my prayers are with your family.
Love Grammy (Bammy).

Cheri 8/21/2011  

I'm sorry that I'm just now reading the post about your mother. What a sweet remembrance of her. I lost my father almost 13 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected. I almost completely lost my mind. I had just given birth to Jack and lived a 13-hour drive away. It was horrible. I had such a difficult time with losing my hero. But, God is so good. And, like you, I've allowed God to heal all my hurts. Just a few months before losing Dad, he spoke these words that give me comfort, "Sissy, if the Lord took me home today, it wouldn't bother me one bit." Those words crushed me then because I hated the thought of losing my dad, but oh, how he longed to be with his Savior. I cannot begrudge him of that. I know I will see him again some day. I miss him. I miss hearing his sweet comforting words and advice.

Rebecca 8/23/2011  

I didn't realize it was only seven years since your mom passed away. I never knew her, but I know she must have been amazing because you are an amazing mom. Her legacy lives on in you.

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