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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yep, I know. With how infrequently I have been posting to the blog, you likely didn't realize we were gone. Ha. But we were. We were on a much needed vacation. Patrick had to return early for work, but the muchkins and I were gone for a whopping ten days.

We first ventured into the mountains of Virginia for some much needed r&r. We headed on over to Hot Springs, where we last visited over nine years ago as a couple. It was a wee bit different heading back with two young children. lol. Still, we had such an amazing time together as a family.

Next we headed south to Pigeon Forge, TN to reconnect with our China travel group for Caleb's adoption. The last time we got together was two years ago in Orlando, FL. At that time, only three of the five families could make it. This time, we were fortunate enough to have Sandi, Jeff, and Hannah join us. Pam, Bob, and Emma unfortunately couldn't make it. Perhaps our next reunion will have all five families back together again. It was as if time never passed when we all reunited. We had a truly fabulous time in the Smokey Mountains.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet uploaded any of the photos I took. So those will have to wait until next time. We have lots to get ready for, as Caleb picks back up with his 2nd grade school year tomorrow. Fortunately for me, I downloaded a bunch of new apps (like 60 for free!) on my iPad for Madeline. So she can do "school" right alongside us. We haven't checked all of them out yet. But I can tell you that some of them are totally awesome. I'm so pumped.

Anyway, I promise to be back some time soon with at least a few photos from our very long and lovely vacation.


Cheri 8/08/2011  

The mountains of Virginia? And you did not even give me a call! Maybe next time.

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