Thursday, September 29, 2011

That's what these kids are. Honestly, they keep us in stitches all the time. I thought I would quickly share a few videos of them. Taking videos on my iPhone has been waaay easier than taking photos, uploading and editing them. So this is all I have right now.

I have been sewing a few things for Madeline lately. So the kids and I have been spending a fair amount of time at the fabric store. This is how they decided to entertain themselves.

We've also been spending several days a week down at the ball field, as both Caleb and Madeline are playing ball. Caleb is adjusting to coach pitch really well. We are so proud of him. And Madeline has done surprisingly well at tee ball. And when I say that, I mean she has participated in all of her practices in their entirety! She listens to the coaches and does what she's told. What more could we ask for? ;) Last week, she had the chance to swing the bat for the first time. Anticipating she might have trouble holding the bat (what 3.5yo with one hand wouldn't), I devised a little wrist strap to help her stabilize the bat. She has subsequently stopped using it because she still wants to hold the bat with both arms/hand. But that is the red thing you see her trying to remove in the video. It's hard to hear, but her batting coach asked her if she wanted him to run with her to first base. Enough explanation...now, on to the video....


Melissa C 9/29/2011  

That is too funny. Oh well, well get it next time.

Kevin and Michele 9/29/2011  

That was the cutest video w/ Madeline! Poor thing, so many things to remember after making such a great hit! I love your idea with the strap, I'm sure I'll be hitting you up for some tips and tricks one of these days~

Deb 9/30/2011  

I am glad you have put these up for everyone to see how adorable your children are. Love them and the videos.

Fliss and Mike Adventures 10/10/2011  

Bless her gorgeous little heart... how I love that little girl...

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