Celebrating Caleb

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As I mentioned a few days ago, we celebrated Caleb's Gotcha Day with a little bit of baseball and a little bit of dinosaurs. I didn't get to watch Caleb play in his game because I man the dugout of Madeline's team, and their games coincided. But Patrick told me he played a great game.

Before making the drive over to downtown Disney, I snapped a few photos of Caleb with his sister.

Then it was time to dine at the T-Rex Restaurant! It's one of Caleb's favorite restaurants because he's such a huge dinosaur fan. The food is typical family food, but the atmosphere is feast. There are huge dinosaurs all over the place. Every 15-20 minutes, a big storm "blows in". It gets dark and loud. Madeline does pretty well during the storms but can occasionally get a little scared. One of the brightest moments of the night came when our server and several of his co-workers came marching over with a dry ice volcano "thing" surround by lots of brownies. They errupted into a special "Happy Happy Gotcha Day from all of us to you." You should've seen Caleb's face! Even I had tears in my eyes. He was beaming, and Patrick and I couldn't have been more proud to be his parents.

After dinner, Caleb and Madeline had a chance to "dig" for some dinosaur bones. The lighting was crummy, but I managed to snap this precious shot.

Well, last night Caleb had a baseball game. And guess what he earned? Another game ball! And why? Well, he made three outs! The first two came in the same inning when he was playing third base, and Patrick managed to get the first one on video! (He manages Caleb's dugout, like I do Madeline's.)

He sealed the deal when he caught a pop fly at short stop in the last inning. We are so, so proud of him. We love you, Caleb!


Deb 11/09/2011  

I am so proud of you, Caleb! Way to go!

Melissa C 11/09/2011  

Wow sounds like you have a real star on your hands. Way to go Caleb.

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