Baby, it's cold outside!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 we had our chilliest day this season. While marking the chilliest day hasn't been hard to do (it's been so stinkin' warm), it was downright cold for us Floridians. It was in the 40s! And it just so happened that Caleb was supposed to participate in a winter break kickball game. 

 So we bundled up. 
 And headed out. Down the street.

Thankfully, we had hot cocoa to drink. Madeline stayed nice and toasty under all her layers. But she was anxious to drink her cocoa, which was still way too hot.

The kids played kickball for a good 3 hours. Yes, you read that right. While a handful of kids stopped after the first game, there were a few kiddos who kept right on playing...straight through lunch. Caleb had a blast. And this mama got to catch up with a bunch of other mommies. Not only that, Patrick had the day off (the week, in fact). So it was a fun family affair. 

 We can't wait until Saturday. Boy, are we glad we're having Caleb's party indoors this year!


Deb 1/03/2012  

Glad that you were able to stay warm. We sure are glad that his party will be indoors, too. After last year's snow (ahem, flurries) and freezing rain, I hope to be able to take off my jacket. Btw, loving the new blog, sis!

Cheri 1/04/2012  

Yes, you are from Florida! We've had lovely weather in the 50's and near 60 until just a few days ago. It was only in the 20's. But, nothing stopped Eva. She went outside without her coat zipped, but remembered 2 pair of socks! It's good for them to be outside, even when it is cold.

Melissa 1/05/2012  

Too cute. Madeline doesn't look like she likes the cold.
Iris, can't stand to be cold. The girl bundles up all the time even in the house.

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