A little Easter cheer

Monday, April 9, 2012

We had a very low key Easter celebration.  
No egg hunts or Easter bunnies here.

We simply headed to church, as we usually do...just earlier in case of the extra crowd.

Then we came home and I forced asked the kids if I could snap a few photos of them.
The obliged.  Kind of.

Apparently, despite the shade, they complained it was too bright.

And consequently got a little grumpy when I wanted "one last photo".

Before things started downhill, though, I managed a few fun shots.

Madeline practiced blowing kisses for her upcoming recital.

The kids gave me their "Victory over the grave" pose.  Can I get an AMEN?

A chuckle here and there.

A little bit of love.

And a few laughs...this because Daddy was pretending to eat Madeline's lollipop.

This was just before the lollipop.

And that was about all they could handle.

We skyped with Bammy, Auntie Michele and Lydia, which was so much fun.

The kids swam in the pool, while mommy and daddy relaxed.

And that was it.  Pretty low key.  Which is what we needed around here.

I'm still having a hard time excepting how Gina is doing.  But the one thing that gives me peace is that Jesus' victory over the grave gives her a wonderful resting place when He decides to call her home.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Grandma (Bammy) 4/09/2012  

It sure was good to see all of the family together on skye!!
Your Mommy sure made a beautiful outfit for you Madeline Bei, and you looked so beautiful wearing it!! I could see your face when you stood behind the tall chair, Caleb - you are getting extremely TALL!!! I wonder how much taller you will be when I see you again!!

Deb 4/09/2012  

Love these sweet photos! So glad you all enjoyed a relaxing, kick your feet up day. Missed you!!!

Cheri 4/09/2012  

Only Jesus can give us that peace. I cannot imagine having to deal with such devastation in the family. My heart breaks for her, but not nearly as much as those who know her.

Kelly the Overthinker 4/09/2012  

So so beautiful. I love how much they love each other!

Kelly the Overthinker 4/09/2012  



Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 4/12/2012  

They are SO CUTE!!!! What a fabulous Easter!

Stephanie 4/13/2012  

Low-key is right up my alley. The pictures turned out beautifully . Cracks me up that they thought it was too bright. :) You got some GREAT shots of the two of them together.
So sorry to hear about Gina...I simply cannot imagine. And yet, as you said, the hope of Easter is what gives us hope.

Life with Kaishon 4/13/2012  

The kids are SO cute in their Easter clothes! I am glad you had a nice calm and low key Sunday. Don't we all need a break sometimes? : ) Perfect!

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