Friday, November 16, 2012

We're just plain busy.

Tomorrow Caleb wraps up his baseball season.  We are so proud of our little player.  Each season he continues to improve.  He hits the ball well and has been making outs on the field.  His favorite positions to play are catcher and first base.  Patrick continues to help out with coaching.  So it's been a special time together for the boys.  And we just love watching him play.

Madeline continues to enjoy dance.  She has a Holiday performance coming up next month, for which she's very excited about.  She's also been begging me to do more school with her.  Although I have different programs I use to teach her, we barely do school together.  She does a great job of keeping herself busy while I work with Caleb.  However, she's asking me to teach her more.  So I'm carving out more time in the day to do that.

Still no word on our LID for Havi's adoption.  We're hoping to hear any day now.

With the cooler temps, the kids have been playing more in the front yard.  Although I don't like it getting dark so early, we do love this time of year.  It allows us to get outside any time of day, without having to load up on sunscreen and water. lol

Caleb asks me to play catch with him...daily.  It's precious.  So while we're doing that, Madeline is either riding her bike or her brother's scooter...or bringing her stuffed animals outside for storytime.

This afternoon, well, we're hoping to close on our new house.  And while we have LOVED this extra wide sidewalk in front of our house for the kids to play on (we live on a busy street), we are looking forward to living at the end of a cul-de-sac.
The reality of this impending move has really started to sink in.  There are lots of things about this house that I'm going to miss.  And I've decided that I want to do my best to capture it all one last time.  These images above really speak to how we spend our fall and winter afternoons.  I love hanging out in the front yard with the dumplings. And I LOVE hearing their squeals when Baba's car pulls into the driveway at the end of the day.  Gonna miss ya, little yellow house.


designbystacy 11/16/2012  

Hey Eva

Just looking though your blog today. So nice to see your family. Love the photos!


Cheri 11/16/2012  

Love the sun shots! Looking forward to seeing your new place and hearing about your LID.

lisacng @ 11/16/2012  

Awesome that Caleb's skills are improving and that he can have special with Dad while learning. You gotta a girl who loves school, go with it ;). Awesome! Lovely captures in front of your house, lovely light! I like the one of Caleb looking left. Great lights in the eyes and soft background.

Kim C. 11/16/2012  

I love the light in these! Your kiddos look like they have a great time together. I always miss the places I have lived when moving, even if going to something better. It's the memories made in those places that attaches you to it forever.

Living Out His Love 11/17/2012  

What fun light you were using! And the resulting images are stunning, as usual :-)

We've moved a couple times, and I know what you mean about the things you will miss. We still drive by our old houses with fond memories of those places ... funny that the things we didn't like about the house tend to fade away. Of course we love our house now (been here for over 5 years now!), but there's just something about the old ones too.

Stephanie 11/17/2012  

Busy, but obviously busy with all really good things. Love the pictures. Eager to hear about your move. Hoping that word of your LID arrives SOON!

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