NYC: Family and Central Park

Friday, December 21, 2012

So our last full day in NYC was filled with family and fun, except for one major mishap.  Patrick's family took the train in from Connecticut.  Lydia was so excited to see her cousins, and the feeling was mutual.
Bammy was tickled to have all her grandkids under the same roof.  And of course, we were all so excited to see Bammy, Aunt Chele and Uncle John.  (Caleb could never say Michele when he first came home from China.  So we shortened her name, and it stuck.)
We made our obligatory trip to Rockefeller  Center to look at the tree.

Then we hailed a few cabs and made our way to Central Park.
A $4 bag of nuts (all 10 of them) was purchased and consumed before we stepped too far from the vendor. Gotta love NYC prices.  Oh well.

We wound our way through the park until we reached our destination: Wollman Rink.  We knew how anxious the kids were to ice skate, it being their first time and all.  What we didn't know was whether the outing would be a winner or end in tears.  I'm happy to report it was a winner!

Well, it was a winner for the most part.  Remember the mishap I've alluded to?  Well, we had quite a scary moment when all the skaters had to clear the ice for the zamboni.  Caleb had taken to ice skating so well that he managed to get too far ahead of me and Madeline (and Michele and Lydia.)  So when we I finally made it off the ice, we couldn't find him!  It seems that he got off at one point (the one Patrick was not waiting at for him), and they crossed paths.  Michele immediately went to the PA crew and had them make an announcement.  At the same time, John spotted Caleb walking back inside the skate rental.  So I raced over and grabbed him.  When he came off the ice and didn't see any of us, he headed inside to look for us.  A lady saw him crying (oh that part killed me) and said she would help him find us.  I still don't know how soon after the lady spoke to him that John spotted him outside.  At that point, I was just so thankful he was safe.  

Thankfully Bammy bought the kids some warm chocolate chip cookies to eat, and thankfully, the whole situation didn't keep Caleb from returning to the ice.

After another round of skating, we packed it up and made our way to Grand Central Station to say good-bye to Bammy, who had to leave early.
After I took the photo above, a kind lady offered to take the same photo but with me in it.
Since I had the shot set up, I willingly gave her my camera, thinking she should be able to take the same shot.  I should've known something like the shot above was going to happen when she initially held my camera out in front of her and tried to take the shot without looking through the viewfinder!  I kindly told her she would have to look through the viewfinder to take the shot, but at that point she had already pressed the shutter down part way and locked the focus on the background and not on us.  Oh well.  At least I'm in a shot, right?

The kids loved to climb all over the rocks.  So we let them.

Just look at that love between cousins!

Lots of hugs and kisses were given and received as we said good-bye to Bammy.  Then we walked back to the hotel from there while the boys went to John's Pizza (I think that's what it was called) to grab some pizza for us to eat back in the room.  The kids had a blast eating and playing while the grown ups enjoying chatting with each other.

The next morning, as we were packing up to head home, Caleb was playing on the bed when that wiggling, barely-hanging-on-there tooth of his finally decided to fall out!
After packing up, we made our way to the airport.
The kids had an absolute blast watching the planes take off.  Did you know that planes are kings, queens, princes, and princesses?  Well, they are!!! lol.

Well, while that might sum up our trip to NYC, I still have a TON of photos I want to share. And with Christmas around the corner, I better see to it that I share them because, no doubt, Christmas will mean a boatload of more images to share!  Hope you all enjoy a safe, fun pre-Christmas weekend!


Cheri 12/21/2012  

What a nice trip! I haven't been to NYC since a few months before Eva came home. It looks so cold, though. The older I get, the more I want to move south for the winter! We have some snow flurries today with a lot of wind. Brrr.

Deb 12/21/2012  

I know the kids had a blast hanging out together. So glad the family could catch up. Can't wait to see you on Christmas!

lisacng @ 12/26/2012  

I notice the same lovely blurriness in that first photo as I did in the soldier-ornament photo. New lens? New post processing trick? Do share :)! I'm sure Grandma LOVED having all the grandkids with her. How fun! What a great photo in front of the tree! Should have made it onto your card :). Glad you'all had fun at the skating rink. So many people!!! How festive though. Oh my gosh, glad you and Caleb reunited! How scary for a split second! And LOL on the family shot with you in it. Of course it would happen ;). A tip that my friend gave me is to put it in manual focus, so that no matter where the stranger points the thing, as long as it's back at you, it'll be ok (hopefully)!

michele 12/28/2012  

We had such an awesome time! Lydia especially loved being with her cousins, as always! Yes, I must say a grew a few more gray hairs when Caleb went missing!
The pictures came out great, even the on ethe women took, although a little blurry, as you said it would come out, looks good!
Thanks for taking such good pictures!
Aunt Michele!

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