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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oy!  The days go fast.  I have been meaning to get this post up for the last few days, but time has slipped away.  My weekdays are busy teaching the dumplings, and our afternoons/evenings are filled with baseball and dance.  
On Tuesday our social worker came to update our home study.  You may recall I said earlier that she would be coming last week, but she came down with a cold and had to reschedule.  We are anxious to get our update signed off on so we can submit our I-800 application and the Supplement 3 as soon as possible.

Anyway, as I mentioned last time, we had some company last weekend.  Patrick's sister Michele came down from Connecticut with our niece Lydia.  The kids always have such a good time playing together. They pick right back up where they left off.  It warms our hearts.

We decided to celebrate Madeline's birthday a little early since they were in town.  So we headed over to the Mouse one day.  The day was cold, and it was crowded!  Welcome to Disney in March, even if it was the 1st of the month!  

Patrick had to work in the morning.  So he met up with us after lunch.  The dumplings were a wee bit excited to see their Baba.
We grabbed fast passes for Buzz and hit the People Mover.
We also joined a tea party.  You know it's crowded when the wait for the teacups is 20 minutes!
Then we ventured over to the new part of Fantasyland, rode Dumbo and checked out the new Under the Sea journey, complete with hot cocoa.
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to spin round and round again on the carousel.
We also enjoyed Winnie-the-Pooh by skipping to the front with our fast passes.  Gotta love fast passes, especially on crowded days like the one we had.  Then Baba revealed his surprise purchase he made while we were all on Dumbo...cotton candy and lollipops!
Madeline thoroughly enjoyed her cotton candy.  She also enjoyed cleaning her hands.
Caleb really wanted to ride Pirates of the Carribean.  So Madeline tolerated it...mostly.
Then despite the fact that the day was winding down and nearly over, all three kids managed to climb up and down the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.
Then we had to call it a day because Caleb had an early morning baseball game the following morning.
Madeline was tired and cranky, but was really playing it up for my camera.  She's a hoot.
It was such a fantastic day, despite the crowd and cold.  The kids get to visit the Mouse all the time but to do it with cousins...well, you can't beat it!

I will share photos from our little birthday celebration soon!


Cheri 3/07/2013  

I'm sure any day at the Mouse is a good day. When you said cold, I really thought you meant cold. But, it looks pleasant enough considering what we've had up here. Happy Birthday to sweet Madeline!

Kate 3/07/2013  

It looks like a fabulous day. Green with envy...and a little blue from the cold here in the Northeast! :-) I love seeing your family in action!

Nancy 3/07/2013  

I am jealous! I am so not letting the kiddos see this post. We are in serious need of a mouse fix.

Kim Cunningham 3/08/2013  

Such a fun day! It must be amazing to live so close to Disney! It does look chilly! March is a funny month.

Jancy 3/12/2013  

How fun. We will be hitting the mouse in Dec. when the baby will be old enough to handle all the people. I know my girls are going to love the new Fantasy Land!

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