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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well, we weren't anticipating another tennis tournament so soon, but as it turns out, another one happened to be scheduled not too far from my sister and brother-in-laws' house.  So we made a quick decision to sign Caleb up and headed over there Saturday morning.
 Tournaments typical start in the morning.  However, we learned at the last minute that play wouldn't begin until 12:30pm.  That threw a wrench into our schedule, as we had plans to attend a wedding (in a different distant town) at 4:00pm.  We made the decision to take two vehicles for the long drive over so that Patrick could leave early with Madeline, and I would stay back with Caleb and Havi.
 Despite the fact that a big Florida Gator football game was scheduled to begin at the same time, my sister and niece came to watch.  My sister's father-in-law, Phil, also came by to watch Caleb's first match.
There were not a whole lot of players for all the different age groups.  So girls were combined with boys.  There was also one 12 year old girl who was thrown into the Under 10 group because there were no other 12 year olds.  She has to play someone, right?  Well, that's fine, except she lied straight up to Patrick about her age.  The nerve.  Although he didn't beat her, Caleb played well against her.
And when a question came into play about scoring, he spoke up and set the score straight.
It was to great to watch Caleb play.  He split his matches again this tournament and also had the chance to play a bit of doubles.  We're so proud of him for playing so hard and for being so eager to participate in these tournaments.  It certainly has been nice to see my sister and her family a bit more.  And since most of the tournaments for Caleb's level are in her neck of the woods, we will get to see them a lot more.  Even Leah is considering taking lessons now, right at the same tennis center where the last tournament was held.

What's going to make these tournaments more fun is the fact that we have finally purchased our first ever travel trailer!  We should have it some time next week.  Yay!  There are a few state parks in the Orlando area that would be fun spots to camp at for the weekend and then scoot over to the tournaments.  In fact, we have already made some reservations in the month of November to celebrate Caleb's Family Day and Havi's 2nd birthday.  We are really looking forward to some fun family time in our trailer.

Anyway, I mentioned in the beginning of this post that we had to dash over to a wedding after the matches were over.  I pulled my camera out for a few shots when we were there.  So I will share those soon.  We all had a such a fantastic time. I think the kids are now convinced all weddings are laid back affairs. lol

{P.S.- All the action shots of Caleb were taken through the fence with my 85mm f/1.4 lens.  I'm so glad I brought it because I took one lousy photo with my iPhone, and I could barely make Caleb out through the fencing.  Yep. I love my camera and lens.}


Deb 9/10/2013  

It was sooooo good to see you guys and watch Caleb play. Leah can't wait for this weekend and some time to hit the ball with Caleb. Looking forward to some yummy cake and ice cream too!

Grandma (Bammy) 9/11/2013  

Well, well1 look at you Caleb!!! Such an athlete!! So happy you love to play and you play so well. Wouldn't it be great to someday play with Leah? Hope your family enjoys camping like mine did when me and my brother gathered firewood and helped my Dad set up the tent!!!! Every summer my Mom chose a different state to visit and by the time I was 16, we got to visit 40 states!!!

Jennie 9/11/2013  

It is remarkable that Caleb is playing tennis so well. I re-watched the posted video of Caleb when it was 3.5 months post-op for his BPI. He is such a sweet and handsome boy. Certainly a wonderful brother to Madeline and Havi.

Mom2Six 9/11/2013  

Sorry your team lost on Saturday!
Go 'Canes!!!
21 - 16

I couldn't resist!

Kim Cunningham 9/11/2013  

So fun for Caleb! I love the image of Havi with your phone and the "This is my phone now" look! So cute!

Life with Kaishon 9/12/2013  

I love that your sweet son did so well even against a much older opponent. These pictures of your day together are fabulous. Your baby is beautiful. What a doll!

I totally want an 85mm. I keep trying to decide between that and a 135. I just can't pick.

Melissa 9/14/2013  

Good job Caleb. Way to play up. You look like a natural out there.

Jancy 9/19/2013  

Keep up the good work Caleb!

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