Christmas fun- Part 2!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First of all...

Happy New Year!!!!!

I plan on doing a 2013 recap of my favorite moments, but that will have to wait until after I finish wrapping up our Christmas fun.  The day after Christmas, we waited for my sister and her family to head over.  Caleb couldn't wait to build his new castle Lego. 
 Madeline couldn't wait for me to finish making Jesus's birthday cake.
 After crumb coating it, I realized I forgot to add peppermint extract to the frosting.  Oops.  I used a frosting recipe that called for a larger batch because the last chocolate peppermint cake was too skimpy on the frosting.  Unfortunately, I forgot to look back at the original recipe.  So chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream was what it was.

My sister and crew finally made it over late in the afternoon because she had been nauseous and vomiting all morning.  No fun.  She promptly made it into the house and went to sleep.  That was all we saw of her all day. :(

After a delicious dinner of short ribs and sides sans sister, it was time to open presents.
 Books, roller skates, camping gear, shoes all made the gift giving list. Then it was time to sing happy birthday to Jesus.  We put 5 candles on the cake for all 5 kids to blow out, but somehow, Madeline managed to "help" her siblings and cousins out with their share of candle blowing responsibilities.  Sneaky girl.
 Well, the next day my sister was pretty much back to herself. So we piled all 5 kids in my minivan and headed down to South Florida for a little Winter Carnival fun with my cousins Ed and Eileen.  
Face painting and airbrush tattoos were a huge hit.  So was the slide.  I was so happy that my sister and her kids finally had the chance to attend the carnival (my BIL Andy had to work.)  After the carnival, we hung out a bit, ate pizza, and just enjoyed each other's company.  We stayed late and as soon as we hit the road, all 5 kids passed out in the car.  Having that much fun sure is exhausting!

Oh, the one thing I really enjoyed about the carnival was using my new Fujifilm point and shoot.  I kept it in my hand all day, just like I would my phone.  It was so convenient to shoot with, and I can't get over the quality.  Lisa, I will share more about it when I get the chance. ;)

Anyway, hope you all are looking forward to a new year and reflecting back on all that 2013 was for you with joy in your hearts.

Happy New Year friends!


Grandma (Bammy) 1/01/2014  

How tall Caleb is getting and it is great to see a video of his skillful tennis playing!!!
Beautiful children ALL.
Lots of love from cold Connecticut

Deb 1/01/2014  

I was so thankful that I was able to make the drive over to your house. I was not going to have my kiddos miss out on the carnival another year. I was so happy to share in the wonderful time with your family and Ed and Eileen. Thanks for capturing the beautiful memories! Love you!

Kim Cunningham 1/04/2014  

So sorry that sister was sick. No fun, at all. Looks like a wonderful time anyway. Your cake is gorgeous! Hope Havi had a wonderful first Christmas!

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