Recital time!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A rainy afternoon following a dance recital is one sure way to get some photo editing done quickly. lol  So I'm getting these photos up quickly, for a change.  Anyway, as has been the case for the last three years, it has rained on dress rehearsal day, which was Thursday.  Oh, that's so fun to get my daughter in costume and attempt to stay dry while toting around my camera bag and other children.  Anyway, I snapped a quick photo of my beautiful dancer with her new smile before heading inside.
This year's Children's Program was titled "In a World of Make Believe".  Madeline's class was Sophia the First, while the other classes were Minnie Mouse, Ariel, fairies etc.  I adored their costumes this year (which were so soft!) and the choreography for their two routines. The girls did such a fantastic job.  It's so heart warming to see their progress each year.  I thought I would share videos of her performances from the dress rehearsal.  So that is why you see a big orange bucket (due to the roof leak).  I sat up in the balcony this year, thanks to my new 80-200mm f/2.8 lens and couldn't have been happier.  And thank you to Caleb who used my phone to videotape his sister's performances.  (Madeline is second from the right in front for the first video and second from the left in front for the second video.)

As you can see from the videos and my photos, I took the liberty of adjusting the magenta colored lights shining down on the girls to achieve more natural looking skintones on them.  Sorry lighting guy.
As you can see from the last photo of Caleb with cousin Josh, my sister's family was able to make it over for the recital.  Oh, that made Madeline's day!  We only had time to grab some ice cream together before they had to head back to their neck of the woods, but we cherished their time with us, though brief.  I think my sister was tickled to be off camera duty this year, all thanks to my new lens.  Hopefully, we'll all get to see each other again next weekend, as Caleb will be playing in a tennis tournament right near their house.  Speaking of tennis, I will play catch up there soon.  After my last blog post, my wrist actually started feeling better again.  So I'm back to normal. Yay!


Deb 6/15/2014  

We had such a great time! The performance was awesome! And of course, my kiddos loved watching with their cousins sitting right next to them. Can't wait to see you next weekend!

Barbara Wilson 6/16/2014  

what a lovely ballerina!! such expressive dancing!!! Great job, Madeline.....
sending lots of love to you

Toni 6/16/2014  

Look how grown up she looks! I can't view the video from my ipad, but I'm sure shs did her parents proud!

June K 6/17/2014  

Thanks for sharing Madeline's recital pics. She looks so pretty in her purple dress. Looks like it was a great performance. And Caleb did a great job with the video.

lisacng @ 6/17/2014  

Awesome you were able to take such great photos with that lens!!! Good job, Madeline!

Melissa 6/17/2014  

She looks so beautiful in her costume. I love watching the little dancers. It brings back so many memories of Ansley at that age. Iris will not dance, but Owen is now dancing so we will see how that goes.
Love that Madeline lost a tooth. She is growing up so fast.

Fannie 6/20/2014  

Way to go Mama!! I always destroy photos in light like this!!! ;) Beautiful pics of your big girl!! And that toothless smile is just too cute! :)

michele 6/26/2014  

You did an awesome job Madeline. Hopefully we can make it down for one of your recitals keep on dancing!! You look beautiful. Can't wait to see you all soon. Lydia is over the moon!!

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