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Friday, July 18, 2014

I finally got my scans from my second roll of 35mm.  It wasn't because the lab was taking long but rather because I was trying to decide where to send it.  Decisions decisions.  With so much other stuff going on,  I ended up sending to Richard Photo Lab again.  And once again, I was pleased.  I shot with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 again and surprised myself with the number of shots I took inside.  After looking all the images over, it's safe to say that Havi was my "go-to" subject.  This was likely the result of her brother and sister being too busy with other stuff to be patient for me in front of my film camera.  I didn't give Havi much of a say so.  lol  Anyway, I shot most of these images within just a few days.  So, I was not as cautious as I was with my first roll.  Yay for letting go.  Anyway, the images below are straight scans with my watermark added.  

She likes to play in her sister's room because it has more toys.
 Madeline and Havi were invited to a Frozen birthday party and were told to dress in shades of blue and white.
One girl complied.
 Have I told you that she likes to play in the sink? 
 Having a snack while getting in her brother's way so he can't hit the tennis ball...
 The dumplings found a caterpillar in the backyard when they were helping Baba with some yard work.  They were moving so fast, it was hard to keep up with them.  I was tempted to run inside and grab my DSLR, but then I decided to push myself and stick with my film SLR.
Madeline's facial expression is a riot!
 This shot cracks me up.  If you look closely in the background, you will see Caleb, the photobomber, practicing his tennis skills.  He is ALWAYS doing this...not photobombing, the tennis practice.

Havi loves to get into this little bag of golf balls in the garage, and she's not satisfied until they end up everywhere.   
Apparently, she woke up too early from her nap one day and decided the hallway would be a good place to continue it.
 And...she's at it again in the bathroom...

I have popped a roll of Kodak Portra 400 into my Nikon F100 but have yet to snap any photos.  I have been busy with other stuff, most notably ice cream making and camping related stuff.  But I really hope I can carve out some time to shoot a little too. 

Caleb is playing in a tennis tournament this weekend. So we will have a busy Saturday.
Have a great weekend!


lisacng @ 7/18/2014  

Love love love love love love. LOVE. The one of Havi at the sink and napping on the floor, so precious! Love the set of kids with caterpillar too. You are awesome at understanding your light and being able to judge what situation works with the film you've got. Questions, you always get ISO400 film? Why did you choose "professional" film? And are they different brands? Any ones better than others?

Deb 7/18/2014  

You amaze me sis! I am speechless. Really. My fav...Havi napping on the floor. Priceless. You rock!

Jamie Trickle 7/19/2014  

Quick photography question: I take tons of pictures, but you surely have me beat tenfold! Which us your favorite site for creating photo albums-- or do you stick with traditional scrap booking? (Or fill up memory card after memory card and not put together albums at all, like me lol?)
Jamie Trickle

Jancy Peter 7/23/2014  

I have to agree with the other posts my favorite is nap time in the hallway. So cute. I to have a sink player. Isaiah. He though likes to sit in the sink while it is turned on. Imagine that diaper!! LOL

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