Mornings with Havi

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunday mornings Patrick takes the bigger dumplings to church while I hang back at the house with Havi.   Once she's potty trained, I'll start taking her to Ms. Kathy's 3yo class and stay with her.  But for now, we hang out together at home.  She wanted a cupcake frosting for breakfast.  So I obliged.  At first, I actually fired  off a few shots with my film camera.  Then I decided to pull out my DSLR and shoot a bit longer.
 How cute is she?  She had the whole entire chair to sit on but picked the teensy tiny corner.  That nail polish on the table?  That was my promise to her after breakfast.  (But I broke my promise. Sorry sweet cheeks.)
 Between bites of her frosting, she played on the iPad.  Look at those darling puckered lips!
 Eventually she cleaned up and got dressed for the day. Then she decided to play in the sink.
I really cherish the times I get to spend one-on-one with Havi.  She's a good sport going to all her brother's tennis activities and Madeline's dance (and tennis too.)  So when I get to spend time with just her, I really love it, even if she likes to find trouble in the kitchen.


Deb 7/24/2014  

I absolutely love how she is sitting on the corner of the chair. Just precious!!!

Jancy Peter 7/24/2014  

I need to come to your house for breakfast. Cupcakes..I mean frosting...YUM! She is really precious!

Grandma (Bammy) 7/25/2014  

Love the pictures of Havi playing with the water - makes me think of Caleb when he first arrived - he loved playing in the sink and watching the water from the faucet!
Sending love from

lisacng @ 7/25/2014  

How cute is she perched on the edge of that big chair and I love her smile in the last one. Great to have one on one time for sure!

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