Happy 5th Birthday, Caleb!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow. What a whirlwind of a week we have had, and it's not over yet! Caleb's 5th birthday celebrations began last Saturday at our town's little community center. We had originally planned on having it outside at the adjacent park. But unusually wicked winter weather thwarted our attempt. January can be a comfortable month with temperatures in the upper 60s/low 70s. Well, not so this year! It was bitterly cold for our area in Florida, with highs around 40! And not only that, we actually had some sleet! Yes, you read that right- sleet! Some parts of central Florida actually saw flurries but none for us.

Earlier in the week, we opted to move Caleb's party inside to the community center. And we are so glad we did! We had about 40 people in all, half of them kids! They all had a great time using the giant sized Mickey Mouse balloon as a pinata. After it was all over, Caleb kept telling us he had the "best birthday ever!" It just totally warmed our hearts to hear this. Later that day, though, he was a bit disappointed when his Bammy informed him that it wasn't actually his birthday on Saturday and that he was still 4 and wouldn't turn 5 until Tuesday. Bummer! It was too cute.

So today, when he woke up, he asked, "Today I'm 5?" to which we replied affirmatively and he yelled "Yay!" We decided that on his actual birthday, we wanted to take him to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. He kept talking about how he couldn't wait to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride and drive his racecar on the speedway. Oh my goodness, he was just so precious as his face just lit up everywhere we went. He loved shooting the bad guys with his lazer and helping Buzz. And he loves to drive "kinda crazy" with Baba in his racecar. I will try to add some photos and video of our day in the not too distant (I hope) future.

His birthday celebrations continue tomorrow night as we head to the Chinese Acrobat Show. Mama and Baba are really looking forward to this. We are hoping Caleb enjoys it as well. I will save all the catching up I have to do on other topics for another post. And again, I hope I can get around to it soon. For now, we're all gonna sleep well tonight.

Happy 5th Birthday, Caleb! Mama and Baba love you like......................crazycakes!

Thanks to Bammy, I've updated this post to include a video from Caleb's birthday party. Caleb is playing cars with his friends while his cousin Leah is happy as a clam with her balloon.


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