Madeline Got Her Cake!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, I finally received my cake pictures from Ann at Red Thread China. They were not at all what I was hoping for....and for several reasons. First I'll share the photos with you...

Madeline checking out her cake

Getting help eating her cake

A cropped version

An even tighter crop of the same photo

And now the reason for my sadness.

Reason#1: I was thrilled when I saw the email finally make it to my inbox. Although Patrick had gone to sleep, I woke him up so we could see the photos together. When I opened the email, I found 5 photos, one of which was of another little girl in Madeline's orphange (so I will be sending her parents a copy). So that left me with 4 new photos of my precious girl. Well, it turns out that 3 of the 4 photos are the same photo but cropped two times. So I really only got two photos. When we sent Caleb a cake, we received 6 unique and precious, updated photos of him. We were thrilled. Most adoptive parents will received about this number. So to only have 2 photos is such a let down.

Reason #2: My little girl is not looking at the camera AT ALL, nor is she smiling. This is truly heartbreaking. I would've loved to see her interacting with the person taking her pictures or the other children eating cake with her. But nope. She seems so sad. And it just makes me want to hurry up and get on a yesterday.

Despite this major disappointment, I am going to try to remain upbeat. For starters, Madeline's hair is growing! I am praying big time that they don't cut it before we get her. I was hoping to see her wear the hair bows we sent. But I know that was just wishful thinking. I tried. Oh well. Also, she looks like she's eating well!!!! I am still hoping to get updated information on her, like height and weight measurements. So, we'll see. Well, after this not so successful attempt at new photos, it looks like I'm going to have to hit up Angela at Ladybugs N Love for additional photos, at the very least.


Heather 1/23/2010  

Maddie says that Madeline is really cute. She is now walking around my house trying to pick up things with one hand and finding out she can do some much more than she initially thought! She also took one look at Caleb and signed, "Ohhh, HE IS PRETTY!" She than gave me a look that I am glad her Daddy did not see! :) Have Caleb start learning sign girl might start stalking him in a few years! :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures 2/25/2010  

I have been asking for photos/updates but alas... I can't get anything... looks like I am going to just have to wait to get to China to see how she is...

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