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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When I learned yesterday that our I-800 provisional approval had been overnighted to the NVC last Thursday, I thought I would take a chance today and call the NVC to check the status of our case. I was pleasantly surprised that when I called, I only had to wait on hold a few minutes before being put through. And then I just about fell over when the gal on the phone told me, "Actually, your case was just cabled today. You should expect to receive a letter confirming this in a few days." *insert fall on the floor*

I am hoping that we receive this letter by the end of the weekend. Once we have this letter, we will send a copy of it to our agency (hopefully our in-Ch*in@ coordinator). Once she has a copy of the letter, then she will drop off all our documents at the Consulate in Guang*zhou. Drop offs are only allowed twice a week- on Mondays and Thursdays. So hopefully hopefully hopefully, she will be able to drop everything off on Monday, if not then it will be Thursday. Two weeks later, the Consulate will issue us "Article 5." She will then pick it up and overnight it to the CC@@ in Bei*jing. Then we will wait anywhere from 2-4 weeks for our Travel Approval (TA.) If our agency can confirm our consulate appointment for the date we want (if appointments aren't booked up by then), then we will likely travel about 1.5 weeks later. So if all of this continues to go as planned, we can still travel at the end of June or early July. Leaving at the end of June would be ideal for Patrick's work situation. So we are really hoping and praying for it. If TA came sooner, that would be great too. We just couldn't leave until the end of June, which would be fine with me. Now if my sister's father-in-law still worked for the postal service and had a magical way to get us our cable letter super fast....hmm.....oh well. We'll wait like everybody else, I guess.


Cheri 5/05/2010  

What a relief! Looking forward to more good news.

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