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Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's just too easy not to... so I did....enter my son in the Parents cover model search, that is. And now for the winning photo...

Seriously, though, can he get any cuter? I know there are many mommies and daddies out there who simply adore their kiddos and will be entering them in this cover search. So with that in mind, I know the "odds" of Caleb being selected as a finalist are slim, just based on numbers. I'm not doing it because I want him to win (although I think he should *wink wink*) but because: 1. it really is simple and 2. I want to share my son's precious face with anybody who's willing to look! I wish essays could accompany the photo entry because this is what I would have to say:

Caleb is not only as handsome as can be, he is the most loving and caring young boy. It's hard to believe he's come from such a humble beginning; you'd be hard pressed to know it. His laughter and smile just light up any room. His compassion is amazing and beyond his young five years. He's going to make the greatest big brother any little sister could ask for. He loves, loves, loves BASEBALL. (You might want to hang on to that autograph because it might be worth something one day.) And although we don't know anything about his birth parents, we are certain they are funny, smart, athletic, seafood lovers! We are so privledged to be his forever mommy and daddy. Caleb, we love you like crazycakes!


Allison 5/06/2010  

I think he should win!!!! Good words, mama!

Mom2Four 5/07/2010  

So where is the link so we can vote for him!!!

Eva 5/07/2010  

I just checked the email I got, which said they will send me a link to his photo some time next week so people can vote. Thanks for your support! ;)

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