Weekend getaway: Day 1

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let me start by saying we had a fabulous time.  This little getaway was a long time a-coming....like 6 months or so.  Caleb's first ever baseball game was a Dodger spring training game at the tender age of 3. So when Patrick had the idea to check out the new Marlin's stadium, we thought it fitting to catch a game against the Dodgers.

Caleb developed a severe ear infection about a week before we were supposed to leave.  Fortunately antibiotics worked, and the ENT didn't need to insert a drain.  Yeesh.  So we headed out as planned and were so glad we did.

We had a bit of rain on the drive down.  And I was secretly hoping it was also raining in Miami so the roof would be closed for the game.  Thankfully it was!
We decided to stay at the Sonesta in Coconut Grove for the weekend.  We had a spectular view of Biscayne Bay from our room.  That building is part of the hotel and to the right of it is Dinner Key Marina.
One of the first things Madeline does when we are staying at a hotel is find the stationery and the phone.  
She is such a hoot.

The photographer in me was totally digging all the light spilling into our room even though it was overcast.  Hello ISO at 200 indoors on a cloudy day.  It's nice to meet you!  Can you stay?
Madeline, however, was less than thrilled to pose for me on the bed in all my indoors at ISO 200 glory.

Unfortunately we had left a little later than we wanted.  So we didn't have much time at all to hang out before heading over to the stadium, which is pretty stinkin' cool, by the way.

Once inside, Patrick went in search of food. The kids wanted nothing to do with my camera.  Boo.  I'm known to take a bazillion photos of the players during the game but not the peeps I came with.  So I made it a point to reverse that trend, despite their eagerness to participate in my quest.

In addition to dinner chow, we had fresh lemonade.  Yum.
and peanuts.
I was trying very hard to not have lens envy....really hard.
As if lemonade and peanuts weren't enough, Madeline was determined to get her hands on some cotton candy.  Oh, she stood on Patrick's lap a long time looking for the cotton candy man.
Eventually, Patrick took the kids and went looking for him.
So I managed to snap a few photos of some of the players.  Here's Mark Buehrle pitching for the Marlins...
..and Shane Victorino at bat for the Dodgers.
And when a Marlins player hits a home run, this sculpture spews water and lights up in left center field.  As you can see, that's just what they did.
And in case you were wondering whether Madeline successfully tracked down the cotton candy man or not, rest assured she did.
And here's proof I was at the game too.  Thanks, honey, for helping me to embrace the camera.  You rock.
This shot just cracks me up!  Madeline decided to sit on Caleb's lap while he was sitting on Patrick's.  She is totally smushing him and is completely unfazed.
There was one point in the game when one of the Marlin's players was called safe on an infield play at second. That sent Dodger's Manager Don Mattingly into a tizzy.  I was surprised he wasn't thrown out of the game. lol
Here's a shot of Victorino trotting off the field after a HUGE catch in the bottom of the 6th.  Miami had runners on first and second, and a hit by Giancarlo Stanton sent Victorino to the warning track in left field.  Well, you know how players will toss game balls to fans in the stands when an inning is over?  That had happened a couple times already.  But as soon as I saw Victorino making his way in after that catch, I stood up waving my left arm like a lunatic (we were sitting behind the Dodger dugout) while my right arm held my camera snapping a few shots of him.  Then next thing I know, he's tossing the ball in my direction, though it looks like it's going over my head.
But wait... it took a bounce and came forward, and a second bounce...and camera barely hanging on in the grasp of my right hand...and somebody standing right over me waiting for me to miss... I managed to snag that ball!  And here's a shot of the proud new owner to prove it.
It even says "Marlins Park Inaugural Season".  How cool is that?
Well after that, we decided to head back to the hotel.  I mean, what can top a game ball, right?  Just kidding.  Really, before the game even started Madeline started asking if it was over yet.  So we knew it would be an abbreviated night.

The kids managed to bring back to the hotel what little cotton candy they had left and enjoyed such a healthy bedtime snack.
Then they thoroughly enjoyed sharing the pullout sofa, each with a touch of home.  Are they cute or what?
Well, that takes us to the end of Day 1.  Stay tuned for Days 2 and 3.


Toni 8/16/2012  

Way to go Eva! Bet your family was proud of your memorabilia:)

lisacng 8/16/2012  

Glad the antibiotics cleared up that infection! Cool shot from the front seat, using the seat as a frame. What a cool view! Love the shot of the boats. It's as if they lined up just for you. Tell Madeline, that's what I do when I first get to the hotel too. Though I do wipe down the phone first. And remote. And knobs. COOL SILHOUETTE. The blue water is gorg. LOL on Madeline's face on the bed. Ha! Cute father-holding-son moment. LOL, lens envy. Great shots of the players! Oh, Victorino -- you used to play for the Phils. Cute photos of you and Caleb! Hey, this is the 1st time I've seen Caleb annoyed at his sister ;). Good job getting that ball! What a cool memory!

Cheri 8/16/2012  

My girls always grab the pen and paper too! Even though I'm not a baseball fan, your pics made it look fun! Too bad you didn't attend a soccer game?

Deb 8/17/2012  

Love that silhouette, sis! I am so thrilled for your ball catching moment. I am surprised you didn't make Sports Center! Can't wait to see the rest of the vacation!

Mama Zen 8/17/2012  

Way to go catching a game ball!

Kim Cunningham 8/20/2012  

Looks like a nice getaway! Glad you got the ear infection cleareing up in time to enjoy the trip. Fun baseball game shots! I would be envious for Mr. Big Lens too!

The Smiths 8/23/2012  

What great photos! Glad you guys had a good time.

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