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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As the hostess of the party, I didn't have much time to snap photos, but I was determined to catch a few of the kids enjoying themselves on the big waterslide.  Remember how I said the waterslide peeps were going to come Friday night to set up the slide?  Well, that didn't happen.  Around 5:00pm that night, we suddenly lost in, we had to leave the house and eat dinner out and not come back til bedtime kinda of power outage.  That meant we had to call the waterslide peeps and tell them they couldn't come set up.  Thankfully, power was restored by the time we arrived back home, around 9:00pm.

Anyway, the waterslide peeps were running late Saturday morning.  So my hopes of enjoying the waterslide before our guests came were long lost.  We kept the guest list small on purpose- just a few friends and family. I somehow managed not to snap a photo of Patrick going down the slide.  Boo.  He really enjoyed it with the kids.  I managed to get down it once most people left. So, here are a few photos from the party. 

The kids enjoyed going back and forth between the slide and the pool.
 So glad I had my 35mm.
Otherwise I would've had to climb over the neighbor's fence to get a shot of the entire slide.  Told ya it was big!

 I was too short and too lazy to find a better way to elevate myself for the shots of kids actually coming down the slide.

 Taking a lunch break with her cousin.

 The big kids also got a turn.
My BIL Andy didn't have the same height limitation I had.  So he managed to capture a great shot of me going down with my sister.  He even caught me in the air.  And I won that race, by the way. ;)  Love ya, girl.

 Caleb really didn't want to take a break.  He was the last one to go down.

Some news on the adoption front...
We were able to walk in early yesterday for fingerprinting for our I-800A application.  Woo hoo.  I love our "local" but not so close office.  We're still hopeful we can send off our dossier by the end of this month.


Toni 8/01/2012  

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize you could rent these. I want one for my birthday! Love the shot of you and your sister:)

Deb 8/01/2012  

I had such a blast at the party, sis! Glad you had just as much fun going down the slide as your kiddos did. Fingers crossed for your DTC!

Stephanie 8/01/2012  

Now THAT is a water slide. Goodness! You don't mess around! :)
I love the pic of you and your sis. So awesome.

lisacng 8/01/2012  

Sorry about the power! Glad the slide guys were still able to have it up and running for the party. What a HUGE slide! That's pretty awesome though!

Good call on the 35mm! And the water looks so blue in the pool! Madeline's like flying over it. Looks like the kids had a blast (and you were the envy of your neighbors ;)). And you and your sister too. Nice air!

And yay for next step in adoption. Wow, 3 kids. You're supermom!

Melissa 8/02/2012  

Looks like a fun party! Love the air you got on your trip down.

Kim Cunningham 8/05/2012  

Fun slide! I love the one of you and your sister! Glad you pointed out which one you are, because you two are taking the identical thing to the max!

Jancy 9/08/2012  

That was one huge slide! My favorite picture was of you and Deb. That was awesome!

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