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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gosh, you have no idea how it bums me out that I haven't been snapping away behind my camera much since my photography class ended last week.  As I look through all the photos I've taken this summer, I'm proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.  The class was the push I needed to try different things.  And I'm pleased as punch.

I soooo wish I had the time to get out there and continue shooting, but I've been bitten by the packing-up-your-house bug. It's amazing how many boxes we have already filled and placed in the garage yet we've hardly put a dent in packing up.  *Sigh*

On the house hunting front, we haven't seen anything new listed.  So we haven't been out looking.  Our own house has been shown 4 times since being listed.  We've had positive feedback from the showing agents.  So we're feeling good about the potential buyers being out there somewhere and ready to make an offer in the not so far off future.  Fortunately these showings haven't affected our schooling.  So this has been an answer to prayer.

On the adoption front, you may be wondering what's happened to our paperwork.  Well, we've had 3 documents expire so that the Chinese Embassy won't authenticate them.  That means I've spent this week obtaining a new police clearance for me (easy enough) and a new marriage license and birth certificate for Patrick.  Then we'll have to get all three state sealed before sending them off for authentication.  While I'm not particularly thrilled about them being expired by just a few days, I know that in the "big picture", this snag doesn't mean much. And I'm okay with that. We'll still be DTC in September, which is fine with us.

So that about sums up this past week.  And since I haven't taken any new photos, I thought I would go ahead and share these cute ones I took of the kids a few weeks ago with my studio lights.  I would normally pay closer attention to the background so as to minimize the cloning when editing the images (you may recall this paper is sized for headshots, not multiple kids.)  But I just wanted to snap a few of them and not worry about finding the time to edit them.


The Smiths 9/06/2012  

These photos are great!

MG Atwood 9/06/2012  

Great shots! I know what you mean about shooting since the class ended. I need goals, and incentives, and deadlines. Sorry about your paperwork. Our friends were just faced with the exact same obstacle. They redid all the papers and low and behold, a court date followed soon after. Here's hoping you have the same luck.

Nancy 9/06/2012  

Thank you for starting off my day with such JOY!

Amy 9/06/2012  

OH!! I am swooning over the shot of Madline laying her head on Caleb!! Be still my heart!! They really seem to have such a wonderful bond.
Good luck on the house-front! I don't envy you. at. all. :)

Deb 9/06/2012  

You know I am sending you huge hugs regarding the housing situation...I love those last 3 shots of Madeline and Caleb together. I love the playfulness!

Stephanie 9/07/2012  

Your kids are so cute interacting together!
I hope your house sells quickly and you find that new house soon! The uncertainty has to to be a bit unnerving at times.

Erin 9/08/2012  

Adorable pictures! I am in the same lull since the class has ended, makes me realize all over how much fun it was! Good luck with the packing and move, it is all so much work, hope you find a great house soon and your's sells quickly!

lisacng @ expandng.com 9/09/2012  

We're packIng too though renting not buying. Good luck!! And great portraits! Nice clean backgrounds :)

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