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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When we first heard that the Kratt Brothers were going to be at Sea World, we knew we had a date.  The dumplings love watching the Wild Kratts.  They learn so much about animals from this show.  It's so educational.  Gotta love that.  Lots of their playtime involves acting like the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin, and the animals they feature on the show.

Thanks to my sister's gracious mother-in-law, we headed over to Sea World this past weekend to catch the Kratt Brothers.  We arrived early to see some of the park.  We first hit up the sharks.
Then it was time to enjoy the show.  They featured a miniature otter, an anteater and a monkey, all whose proper names have escaped me.  The kids enjoyed acting like animals during the show and hearing about Chris and Martin's silly adventures in South America.

Then it was time to see the dolphins.
{That's my twin sister I'm snapping in the background above.}
Some duck- duck- goose was in order.
Then we headed over to the sting rays for some petting and feeding. Caleb and Madeline LOVED it.
After getting washed up, we headed over to the Sea Lion and Otter Show.  What's a show without chips?
The kids headed over to kiddie land for a few rides and slides.
My dare devil naturally had to go head first.  She's fearless, I tell ya.
Josh was a pretty good sport while the bigger kids played.  We can't wait until his playmate Havi makes it home this summer.  He's just 4 months older than her.
Here's the obligatory hand-on-hip shot.
Then all the kiddos went for a ride on the carousel.
Then we grabbed a late lunch before heading out to Ikea for some much needed home purchases.
My sister Deb and BIL Andy were such good sports schlepping to Ikea with us.  My sister had just a few items to get.  We had just a few items we weren't getting.  On the list of items to purchase were some new desks for our office, storage bins for all my fabric (I will sew in the office), a new extra long extension kitchen table that will also serve for special dinners, and curtains for our bedroom.  Sounds like a lot, but it's really just the tip of the iceberg.  And now, to figure out exactly what we're going to do in Madeline's room for little Havi.  We have a toddler bed, but she's so young.  The cribs were so inexpensive at Ikea that we may leave that open as an option.

Anyway, we had such a fantastic day. The weather was gorgeous and the company tops.  The only thing better would be a sit and stand stroller with Madeline and Havi in it!


Deb 2/05/2013  

We had such a fun time. Leah and Josh really enjoyed themselves. The sit-and-stand stroller is a must. You saw it first hand *wink*. Love you guys!!!!!

lisacng @ 2/06/2013  

Looks like a really fun time and also a great day! I'm so jealous of your sunshine ;). I love the black and white of your sister, the ones with the kids in the jaws (love the black space) and the one eating chips. Light is so even! The cribs at Ikea aren't bad actually! They may be inexpensive, but work just as well as any other.

Kim Cunningham 2/06/2013  

Looks like a great family day! The weather has been so nice. Can't believe you were just down the road from us! Would have liked to bump into You and your sweet family!

Stephanie 2/09/2013  

Oh, what a fun time! Your pictures are gorgeous. And Ikea? Well, now I'm just beside myself with jealousy. :)

michele 2/11/2013  

Looks like they all had a great time!!! All getting so big!! wow!
Aunt Shell

Lauren 2/15/2013  

What a fun day! I've gotta get my kiddos to Sea World soon... I haven't been since i was in college. Love your photos, as always.

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