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Monday, February 25, 2013

First things first...

We got LOA!!!!!!

If you can believe it, we actually heard about it Friday afternoon, shortly after my last post.  It took less than a month...and that was with Chinese New Year thrown into the mix.  I'm stunned, in a good way.  Now we really need to get that home study update completed.  And although our update will hold up our I-800 application, the good news is that I have already spoken with our new social worker and have scheduled her visit for this Wednesday!  How's that for being on the ball?  Woot!  Oh, and now that we have LOA, we can send Havi a care package.  That makes my heart swell.

On to news #2....this weekend was Opening Day for Spring baseball in our little neck of the woods.  I've blogged about it in the past.   It's a big "to do" here. All the teams meet up at a local church to walk in a parade, which takes them down the main street in town (past our old house) and straight to the ball fields.
This year the Fire Department escorted the teams.
All teams are announced...tee ball, coach pitch, player pitch, etc.  And then Doug Flutie gave a pep talk.  He lives here in town.  In fact, the fields are named after him.  Admittedly, I didn't listen to his talk this year because I was watching Madeline and a friend of hers playing in the bounce houses.
Once Doug's talk was over, the rest of the kids hit the bounce houses and dunk tank.  The guy in the tank was actually Caleb's coach, and Caleb was the first to sink him!
Caleb played some basketball too.
There were some friendly competitions by age groups- fastest throw and fastest base running.  Caleb didn't win, but he had fun trying.
We had actually sneaked back home for a quick lunch before Caleb's competition, and good thing too, because it was hot and the day went longer than we thought.  I missed the announcement during Doug's talk that he might come back later with his Heisman Trophy and to sign autographs, but Patrick heard it and asked me to hang around a little longer, for the kids' sake.  So the kids bounced and bounced until Doug returned.

I had nothing for them to give him to sign.  No balls.  No caps.  No gloves.  Nuthin'.  Well, since Doug had signed practically every kid's shirt and cap, he had no problem signing Caleb's brand-new-for-this-season team shirt.  I sure hope his coach doesn't get mad.  If he does, I told Caleb to blame me.  I mean, how do you say "no" when a big shot like Doug wants to give you his autograph?  I think not.  Sign away please! lol
Madeline got her shirt signed too.
It's not often one gets to meet a Heisman Trophy winner and see that humongous trophy in person.  This football lovin' mama was happy for her kiddies.  Now to meet Tim Tebow one day....a girl can dream, right? lol


Lauren 2/25/2013  

Looks like a very fun day - so funny that everyone had their shirts signed. My cousin met Tim Tebow in a restaurant. :) I'm more than a little envious.

the meaklims 2/25/2013  

Yeahhhhhhh LOA!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful news!

And that last picture, wow, amazing! What a keepsake!


Cheri 2/25/2013  

Yay! For LOA! You are quite the fortunate one to get that so quickly!!

Looks lovely in Florida. It's still in the 40's here...

Toni 2/25/2013  

Wonderful news! And I am so jealous of the beautiful weather.

Fannie 2/26/2013  

Yea for LOA!!!! That's AWESOME news!!

Love the pics of the kids. What a fun opportunity!! :)

lisacng @ expandng.com 2/26/2013  

Congrats on LOA! How exciting! You certainly are on the ball with the social worker visit coming this week!! Cute that your son's team is Phillies because for a season, I was a fan of the Philly Phillies. Just a season because I couldn't keep up with watching so many games!

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