Madeline's dance recital and we're on our way!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Well, I was really hoping to get this post up before we left, but seeing that I am typing this from my iPad and the Atlanta airport, that apparently didn't happen. We are passing the time here during our almost 6 hour layover. Just 2 hours left to go. Lol.  We will board our plane bound for Seoul, South Korea at 1:15pm and arrive on Tuesday at 4:30pm (that would be Tuesday morning back in the States.)   We are surviving thanks to charging stations and electronic devices. I don't know how folks traveled transcontinental back in the day...I guess with lots of books. 

Anyway, I wanted to share a few photos from Madeline's dance recital. I took a few photos of some of the girls before the rehearsal on Thursday. Tropical Storm Andrea kept us right at the performing arts center instead of venturing around downtown. My sister Deb brought her camera along too and took some closer shots of Madeline and the girls. So I'm including her photos from the actual recital.  The theme for this year's children's program was Colors. Madeline's class was purple. Their ballet number was to the Barney song Perfectly Purple Day, and their tap number was to the One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater. All the classes were so cute.  It was such a joy to watch. 

Well next time you hear from us, we will be half way around the globe.  Continued prayers for safe travels would be appreciated. 



Fannie 6/10/2013  

How cute!! I miss that age!! I'm SO excited that you guys are headed to China!! Can't wait to follow along in your journey and see Havi in your arms! Hopefully USCIS gets our I-800 done this week so we can be there sometime this summer! :)

Deb 6/10/2013  

We had so much fun visiting and watching the recital. The girls were adorable! I am on pins and needles waiting for the day we get to meet Havi. Hugs and prayers for safe travels.

Cheri 6/10/2013  

What adorable pictures!!

Happy, safe travels to you all.

Fliss and Mike Adventures 6/10/2013  

Sweet Madeline... awesome dancing... Eva and Patrick... happy travels! Can't wait to see more...

Grandma (Bammy) 6/11/2013  

Wow - these are the pictures I missed on my non-existent cell phone!!!! Madeline you are the most beautiful and wonderful dancer!!! I miss you all even though I don't see you as often as I are all in my prayers and thoughts and hopes for a fabulous trip and safe journey home with your new addition!!
Lots of love and more

Nancy 6/11/2013  

Those are the most adorable purple princesses that ever existed!!!
I think you're there by now. Not that I'm anxious for an update or anything!
refresh, refresh, refresh...

michele 6/11/2013  

Awesome!! What a day! If you dance next year Madeline we will come to the recital! Looks like you really enjoy dance! You look so sweet and beautiful!
We love you all!!

Melissa 6/12/2013  

Madeline looks so cute! I just love the little ones at the ballet recital. I just can't get Iris interested in dance at all. Ansley still takes and I love watching her dance. They are just not as funny at her age as they are at 5.

Have a great time in China. Wish we were going back. Can't wait to see Havi in your arms.

Kim Cunningham 6/12/2013  

So pretty!

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