She's officially ours!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh yes she is!

This morning started off okay.  We had placed Havi in her crib last night while she slept.  She woke up in it without crying.  We got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast.  She ate two bites of her rice before she decided to start looking for her foster mother.  We quickly finished up and headed back upstairs.
We had a low key morning in the hotel because we had the paperwork to finalize Havi's adoption to do in the afternoon.  Diaper changes are super tough on our little girl.  She cries for her foster mother.  It's so sad to watch.  The whole concept of a diaper is so foreign to her.
Patrick and Madeline ventured outside the hotel in search of snacks and lunch.  Caleb had a great time playing with his littlest sister.

I love this shot above, despite how out of focus it is, because I find that crooked little smile irrestible.
Once Patrick and Madeline returned home, we had to eat some lunch and get ready to meet our guide.

The paperwork took an extremely long time.  Caleb and Madeline were such troopers hanging in there.
Havi had a good stash of snacks to keep her occupied.

She ended up falling asleep on the drive back to the hotel.  It was almost 5:00pm by then.  So we were all pretty exhausted.  Patrick headed back out (surprise surprise) to find some dinner and batteries for the Leapster.  The lack of functioning batteries triggered a pretty big grieving episode for our little girl.  She cried pretty hard for her foster mother and kept tapping at the window and pointing toward the door.  It is so heartbreaking to watch.  She eventually cried herself to sleep. Then when Patrick returned, he helped me move her to the bed.

Today was pretty rough for our littlest dumpling. She grieved a lot more today than yesterday.  That said, she also laughed a lot.  Caleb and I showed her how to kiss.  So now she reaches her face up to me so I can kiss her.  She also got a big kick out of me smothering her left arm with kisses.

Tomorrow we head to Pingyao, an ancient Chinese city about an hour and a half outside the city center.  We should be gone a good part of the day.  Please pray for our little girl, that diaper changes will get easier and that she will eat more during meal times.


michele 6/18/2013  

Love the picture on the bed! Yes, she will feel better with time, just like Caleb and Madeline did! So sweet! This rough time will pass! In our prayers!
Love to all,

Mary Gene Atwood 6/18/2013  

Prayers that the transition goes smoothly. That crooked smile is the best! Sweet darling, who is so lucky to have you! Be strong..keep the photos coming, love them!

Toni 6/18/2013  

Mike said to remind you to change the title of your blog to Life with 3 Dumplings!

Nancy 6/18/2013  

God golly I remember Mimi knocking on the window calling her foster mama. Looking for her at every turn and afraid of just about everything. Oh prayers that she continues to melt into your arms over the next many days. That smile of hers in infectious!

Mom2Six 6/18/2013  

What!??! Bare arms and legs!?!?!? The clothing police will have you arrested!!! LOL!
That little smile is the cutest! Continuing to pray for all of you.

B Wilson 6/18/2013  

Havi, you are so adorable and beautiful.....
I love you

the meaklims 6/18/2013  

Sending prayers and love your way. It seems all such a short time ago that our Phebe was pointing at the door and saying "wawa"... we still don't know what that meant, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with going back to the SWI. It's absolutely heartbreaking. She is grieving and the not eating is a huge part of that... praying she recovers soon... and her little heart feels the love you so obviously have for her.

Stay strong my friend, so many emotions and yet you seem to get the strength to get through them all.

Oh, and I absolutely ADORE her crooked little smile too, seriously cute! She is a true beauty.


Deb 6/18/2013  

I love her laugh and smile. She is so precious. Praying for her heart and yours. I loved watching her give you kisses. It warms my heart.

Grandma (Bammy) 6/18/2013  

I can't stop thinking about little Havi am so happy for all of you and I can't wait to visit in the fall !!
Lots of love

Melissa 6/18/2013  

Prayers for her little heart to quickly get over the grieving. We will also be praying for all of you that the attachments goes smoothly.
I just love the little smile!

Fannie 6/19/2013  

She is too precious! I am praying for her sweet little heart. What's great is that she clearly does love very deeply and she will transfer all that love to you guys when she is ready. Praying for all of you!!

likeschocolate 6/21/2013  

Congratulations! She is the cutet thing.

Kim 6/21/2013  

Havi is so sweet! I will pray for you all and her little grieving heart.

The Lewises 6/30/2013  

Eva, this was a hard post to read. Not easy for you, but thank goodness Havi grieved so hard--such a healthy sign of attachment. I wish David had shown more grief in China! Love that you could hang her over the potty--why didn't we think of that! So wonderful to see you all together as a family. It's so exciting!! Caroline, Kevin, Emily, and David

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