We made it!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The title of the post says it all!  We finally made it....a day and a half later.
We started it all off at 4:00am EST packing a few last minute items and heading out the door by 4:45am.
 We left out of our local airport for a change, instead of Orlando.  And thankfully we were able to check our bags all the way through to Beijing, though having all of them arrive is another story.

 I let Caleb bring his camera, my first ever DLSR...a Nikon D40X.  I love having my little sidekick.

We laid over in Atlanta for almost 6 hours.  We got some breakfast, and surprisingly the time passed quickly.  We also bought Madeline her first point and shoot camera. She had fun taking photos of her unicorn and anything else.
Both kids were fascinated with the planes.

Thankfully, there were charging stations everywhere.  So our electronics (and sanity) were in good shape.

Our 14 hour flight to Seoul felt every bit like 14 hours.  Between the in-flight entertainment and all our iPads, DVDs, and iPhones, we kept occupied.  But this was the first time we've made this trip during the day.  So very little sleep was had.  Korean Air did a great job of keeping us fed and hydrated, and they were really great with the kids.  It really was a great flight despite being so long.

Since our flight leaving Atlanta was a bit delayed, we barely had enough time to make our transfer and get to the gate.  I had seen there was this cute little Hello Kitty cafe at the airport and wanted to snap a photo of Madeline with the famous kitty.  Fortunately, it was on our way to the gate.

We finally arrived to the hotel....minus one bag because of the flight delay.  Nice.  And as I suspected, as least one of our non-smoking rooms smelled of smoke.  Patrick and Caleb slept in that one because Patrick is just so gracious like that.  While everyone else was up at 4am, I however, had an awful headache and barely made it to breakfast after spending some time with my head over the toilet bowl.

I'm happy to say, though that with motrin and little more sleep, I'm feeling much better, and we are on our way to see the Summer Palace. Thanks so much for following our travels.  To say we're excited to be here would be a serious understatement!


Deb 6/11/2013  

So happy to see your travel photos and to year how well the flights went. Sorry about the luggage and room accommodations. Have fun sight seeing! Hugs to all!

Jess 6/11/2013  

Yay! So happy you made it safely and only with a few small hiccups. ;) I can't wait to check back and see how your trip is going and most importantly I can't wait to see little Havi in your arms! Yay!


P.S. lovin all the cameras!

Kevin and Michele 6/11/2013  

Great to see you made it!! I was thinking of you this week as I finally made a perfect batch (after at least 5 tries!)of SMBC for Levi's Clifford & Elmo birthday cake!
Praying for you!

michele 6/11/2013  

Wow!!! What a trip so far! Glad we all got to talk before you left.
Safe travels and stick together!! The pictures are great, look forward to following! Hope you got your bag!
Love to all,
Michele, John & Lydia!

Nancy 6/12/2013  

I'm really hoping it was just jet lag that has/had you feeling ill. Prayijavascript:void(0)ng it's over now.

Cheri 6/12/2013  

I'm glad all went well despite your headache. Enjoy your grand adventure in Beijing! Thanks for sharing.

Ashley 6/12/2013  

YAY you made it! I can't wait to follow along..hoping you are able to post during the trip :)

Fannie 6/12/2013  

YEA!!! I'm so excited for you guys! That hello kitty café does look seriously awesome!!! ;) I love that the kiddos are taking their own pics. We did this w/Kate during our first trip to Europe and I LOVE the things that she thought were cool at that age. ;)

Can't wait to hear more about your adventure in China!!

Kim Cunningham 6/12/2013  

I wish I knew you were in Atl 6 hrs! I could have driven to meet you...just 20 mins away....but I know you probably had a lot going emotionally!

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