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Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm giving you fair warning...I've been a little snap happy lately.  This can be attributed to two factors: 1. my new telephoto lens and film SLR 2. new Lightroom presets/editing.  I promise not to share all the photos I have taken, but I will share some of my favorites.  Okay, maybe I have more favorites than I care to admit.

I took these photos with my trusty Nikon D700 and 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4 lenses.  I tinkered around with these new Lightroom presets from Get Totally Rad called Replichrome which simulate particular professional films scanned on either a Fuji Frontier scanner or Noritsu scanner.  Since I have never shot professional film before (though that's changing), I don't have a particular preference for one film or scanner over another.  So this is a bit of trial and error to see what I like. For the color images, I used the Fuji Pro 160S on the Noritsu scanner preset, and for the black and whites I used the Kodak T-Max 3200 -- with the grain adjusted for all images.  I realize that only a few of you who follow my blog will be interested in this kind of information.  So I won't delve into it too much.  Now for the photos...

On this particular afternoon/evening, Patrick and Caleb were at church.  So it was just mama with the girls.  We went for a short walk in the garden wagon and then for a longer walk around the neighborhood.  Then it was time for baths.
 Havi was clearly done with my camera/s.  I attempted to also use my new film SLR, a Nikon F100. And I do think I manged a photo or two with that camera.  But seeing that I have no LCD screen on the back and a memory card to check, I have to simply go on my own memory.  And since it was a few days ago, I just can't recall.  I guess getting this roll back from the lab will be a bit of fun and a surprise. lol
Now the film that I currently have in my film SLR is not professional quality.  It's just Fujifilm Superia-Xtra 400 that I picked up at Walgreens.  But I can't wait to finish up the roll, which I will do this week, and send it out to get developed.  I've been "nervous" about clicking the shutter because I can't check for blinking eyes or smiles or anything like that.  And developing film these days isn't cheap.  But I think I need to get over it and just start snapping away.  I actually can't wait to run through this roll and put some quality film in there.  After some research on the web, I have found a few labs that I am considering sending my film out to because I'm learning that using the right lab is pretty important.  Same goes for digital.

Anyway, we are gearing up for a visit from Bammy this week.  The dumplings CANNOT wait to see her; the feeling is mutual.  We're looking forward to lots of swimming and splashing in the pool and, of course, tennis!  We can't wait to see you, Bammy!


Deb 5/18/2014  

I love how ambitious you are! I am on pins and needles to see your photos with your SLR!! Fabulous pics of capturing every day life. Love you girl!

Skeller 5/18/2014  

new gear and software toys always add a new bit of life and excitement to photography! looking forward to seeing your film scans :-).

lisacng @ expandng.com 5/19/2014  

Great 2nd photo! Nice lens choice. Creamy bokeh! I bet film is not cheaply processed these days. Hope you find a lab you like.

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